A Woman from England was Told by Her Doctors that She Can Never Conceive; Now, She Has Three Babies in 1 Year


Having a baby makes a woman very happy and completes a bond between a couple who is longing to have a family. A woman was told by her doctors that she would have difficulty getting pregnant. She reveals how she became a mother of three by welcoming her twin babies only 2 days after her daughter turned a year old.

34-year-old Emma Geairns from Poole, England, has given birth to twins who she named Noah and Arthur, 2 days after her daughter, Harlow celebrated her first birthday in February.

Emma was told by her doctors that she would have difficulty getting pregnant since her cervical and uterine paths were aligned. A miracle happened when she finally got pregnant, and after a year gave birth to twin boys after her daughter turned a year old.

Emma and her husband, 32-year-old Jamie, tried to have a baby 1 year before she finally conceived Harlow, and were surprised when they found out that they were pregnant again just a few months after Harlow was born.

“We’ve actually decided to take a break from trying after a year and spend the summer drinking and having fun,” Emma explains. “It was only after that that I found out that I was pregnant for the first time. Then, after Harlow, we assumed it would take a long time, especially after what the doctor told me. But it was really the first time we did it after I gave birth that I got pregnant again.”

Emma was 25-years-old and works in property development when her doctors gave her their diagnosis.

She said: “It was something that came up after the smear test, they said the path of my cervix and uterus parallel made it very unlikely. At the time, I took my step and decided to focus on my career, but when I met my husband, we decided to try.”

“My friends always tell me, you are the friend we tell other friends about,” Emma continued, “I was the one who was told that I might not be able to have children, and then I had three children in a year.”

Her pregnancy with the twins, however, did not go smoothly. She recalled her experience with her second pregnancy that has happened just months ago.

“At first, I assumed it was just one baby,” she said. “Early in the pregnancy, I started bleeding, and the doctors and I thought I was having a miscarriage. I went to the hospital to make sure everything had passed, and I was fine. But they told me that not only do I have one healthy fetus, I also have two!”

Emma says that her husband, Jamie, was very surprised when she told him the news.

“Because of the coronavirus, he wasn’t allowed to go to the doctor with me,” she said. “I was so shocked and overwhelmed that they told me I had twins when I thought I had lost a baby. I got out and went to the car crying, and he tried to comfort me and said we could try again and everything. When I told him it was twins, he thought I was joking.”

Emma and Jamie currently have no plans to have any more children.

She said: “It’s crazy to have three children under two. It’s great, but it’s hard work. We are so blessed to have three healthy children, and I feel so lucky and grateful.”

Congratulations, Emma and Jamie!


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