This Boss Awards His Employees With a Big Salary, Lends Supercars as Company Vehicle


A great boss is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. In a world where money is everything, bosses come in all shapes, form and size.

There are those who are arrogant show-offs who take credit for your hard work, those who are obsessive perfectionists who insists that you do the work you did twice, the one’s who are just plain mean and the list goes on and on.

But what if we told you that in Taiwan, there is one boss who is none of the above. Taking place in Changhua, an employee shared just how fun it is to work for this particular boss.

“Let me introduce the company that I am currently working in ATC Group. This company gives its employees the best benefits, a 2.5 day-off per week, monthly salary increases but not as normal company increment in yearly and also a chance to drive around in the boss’s supercar.”

“This is definitely the ‘happy company’ everyone dreams of working in.”

Truly a ‘happy company’ where employees are treated with monthly salary increments and weekly 4.5 working day!

In the automotive industry, where everything is fast-paced and is profit driven, we seldom see anyone working in the industry coming home with smiles on their faces. This company is indeed breaking the mold, as on employee shared just how rewarding it has been working for his boss’s automotive interior parts business.

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Credit: Facebook ATC Group

“In the company I work for, employee’s salary are adjusted every month. Imagine, at the end of June 2019, basic salaries of all employees rose by TWD 3,900 each.

“The company has also invested a total of TWD10.5 million to pay bonuses and salary increments alone!”

That’s one top boss!

Chairman of ATC Group, Wu Chong, is adored by his employees ensuring that they’d do everything they can to help his company grow.

Sharing the best traits his boss has to the public, the employee mentioned that Wu Chong, holds his employees dearly to his heart, likening them to family.

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Credits: Facebook ATC Group on Christmas celebration with staff

To help ensure business runs smoothly, ATC Group ensures that all of its foreign employees are given free travel every year, with an allocation of mobile phones to each employee in an effort to increase communication on everything business related.

Wu Chong said, “the employee treatment here is a topic of eny among employees in other companies.”

“I still feel that this is not enough. My goal is to ensure that the average salary of all employees reach TWD80,000.”

For speed demons and car enthusiasts, you will love this company even more.

A lover of supercars, Wu Chong parked all seven of his supercars at the company for his employees to drive freely.

Supercars including a Ferrari, Audi R8, Porsche 911, Porsche 918 Spyder, Lamborghini Daniel, Maverick and Urus are open for employees to drive freely.

When asked how his company was doing, having given out so many benefits, Wu Ching explained that keeping the company ‘small and beautiful’ has paid dividends to his employees.

“The company is not listed in the OTC (Over-The-Counter) markets, where participants trade stocks, ensuring that there is no distribution of surplus profits to shareholders.”

“All of the company’s earnings are turned into employee benefits.”

“It is natural to give employees high salaries and benefits because we have more money than them.”

“It is time to give hard-working employees high salaries and benefits so talent can be retained.”

Wu Chong shares a spot of luxury with his employee.

It is only natural that with all the benefits, employees continuously profess their love for their boss.

“I’m really lucky to have such a great boss. Just hearing about the monthly salary increase alone has pushed me to tears.”


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