Authorities Gifted Single Mom A Van, After Finding Out About Her 12 Miles Daily Commute On Foot


People can be intolerable, but that is no reason for any of us to lose our faith in humans. This is one of those instances that will leave your faith in humanity restored and remind you we are still OK, after all.

Taking place in the Christmas, the story of a young Franklin County Mom by the name of Christine Wheeler, walking miles to work in her effort to feed her two children, caught the attention of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

To what first started off as a call for help, from locals who witnessed the young single mother waking on 59 highway between Ottawa and Princeton around 7 am, deputies of the Sheriff’s Office at the time would rush to her location to give her the ride she needs to work.

“Throughout these contacts with her, the Sheriff’s Office learned that this woman walked to work at Love’s truck stop, six miles away from her home (12 miles-a-day in total).”

“The woman made several comments about how she had to walk so she could feed her children as was motivated to take care of her family any way she could.”

Realizing the fact that they can do more than just give her a ride, officers at the Sheriff’s Office band together and made a grand gesture by purchasing her a much needed vehicle.

Christine Wheeler was elated when she found out that the van was for her and her twin boys.

“A small group of Deputies gathered to discuss how we could help this woman.”

“After only a few days, through generous citizens and businesses and the use of our ‘No Shave November’ funds, we could donate a van, two new car seats, a price chopper gift card, registration, insurance along with $200.”

That is a grand gesture!

A true Christmas miracle, Christine’s reaction was caught on video and have since made its way on social media.

Sheriff Jeff Richards was proud of the men and women in the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Speaking to the media, Sheriff Jeff Richards said: “I am very proud of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office.”

“This is not just something they did, this show who they are. This is an example of their commitment to serve our community.”

“Working with other members of the Sheriff’s Office and community members, they could bless someone in a way that words cannot express.”

Christine Wheeler no longer needs to walk 12 miles-a-day, four-days-a-week to Love’s truck stop anymore.

Expressing her gratitude, Christine shrieked “Oh my God, thank you!” and “Oh my God, I love it!”, when she received her Christmas gift.

“I can now take my children to the park. I can go shopping. This means the world to me. I was in tears. I was shocked.”

We love sharing these inspirational stories with you and who knows, maybe someday you’ll be one of these heroic people too.


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