A Woman From England Shares Journey Of Her Breaking Her Takeout Addiction And Save Thousands For 11 days


Let’s face it, ordering takeout can be expensive. With the pandemic looming once again, many are resorting to takeout as a means to avoid huge crowds, but the cost can add up.

What’s even more expensive is ordering food to be delivered to your home. Sometimes it’s not easy to do, but there are ways to break your food delivery addiction.

Nowadays, you can order any type of food you want and have it delivered to your home. You have to determine whether the convenience of food delivery is worth it to you.

Here is what mother of two, Ella Grace, did to overcome her addiction to takeaways and shared all of it on TikTok for the world to see.

Her story began after sharing her story of becoming addicted to takeaways and how she and her partner were spending a fortune on food deliveries, which was done at least twice a day.

After going viral to more that 300k viewers, the couple decided to go on a 100 days challenge of no-takeout and started a more homecooked meal regime.

Ella Grace has been sharing her progress of home cooking after vowing to stop ordering takeout meals.
Ella Grace cooks chicken as main course instead of ordering McDonald’s.
@ellagrace_x21 / TikTok
Ella Grace peels out potatoes.
Ella Grace peels out potatoes for her cooking
@ellagrace_x21 / TikTok

As they progressed through the days, Ella reports that the couple saved an estimated £500 on meals.

She shared that their typical day would’ve started with toast and coffee from Starbuck or Costa, ordering lunch at Subway or McDonald’s and have dinner at wherever they liked.

At this point, her followers would ask that if Ella could cook, why was there a need to order take-out.

“It sounds silly when you put it like that but just know that food addiction is real.”

“I would spend around £600 to £1,000 a month on takeaways. It is never positive to be addicted to bad food and the convenience of take out.”

In her explanation, Ella shared that documenting her journey on TikTok has helped her on her 100-day journey. Users have been supportive of Ella’s journey and many could not wait as to what would happen when the 100-day period is completed.

Let’s hope that her journey to do away with bad food and replace it with homecooked meals will inspire others to do the same!


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