“Palace life is very tiring; walking to another room is like a marathon,” An Aristocratic Girl Became a Celebrity After Exposing Her “Noble Life”


Everyone has always wondered what it is like to live a life of affluence like the aristocrats who live in palaces? How happy it is to live in a luxurious palace and be treated perfectly because they are called princes and princesses, kings and queens.

Recently, an aristocratic daughter from Italy decided to reveal the real-life situation in a palace by telling her true story. For everyone’s information, it is not as great as imagined.

Ludovica Sannazzaro now lives with her family in the heritage palace of Castello Sannazzaro in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. The castle was handed down by Ludovica’s aunt, to her father who held the status of Earl.

Ludovica, her parents, and her family moved to Sannazzaro Castle in 2006. The castle has been passed down to 28 generations. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has a garden of 24,000 square meters. There are 45 large and small gardens on the palace grounds. Also a small bedroom and 15 master bedrooms.

After the pandemic broke out, Ludovica stopped her studies in the United States and returned to the palace to live with her family in Italy.

At the same time, Ludovica also shared a documentary video of her daily life in the palace through the TikTok app.

Ludovica revealed through the video to everyone who thought it is happy and pleasant to live in a big palace, but in fact, she and her family are often tired of cleaning up everything that is in this palace.

Ludovica reveals every time she wants to bring food or fruit from the kitchen to her bedroom, she feels tired of stepping out as soon as she opens the door because every room in the palace is a big space, and everything is far enough away.

“If you want to get something, it’s like doing a marathon,” Ludovica explained.

Ludovica also complained that the WiFi network was always weak or unavailable in the palace and she had to walk long distances inside to get an internet signal.

When winter comes everyone starts to panic. Ludovica’s parents had to spend big to repair parts and spaces in the palace that were too old and are hundreds of years old. Also, old appliances and furniture incur high repair costs.

You may visit Ludovica’s TikTok account here for videos.


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