55-year-old Dad Looks Half His Age He was Often Mistaken as His Stepdaughter’s Boyfriend


It may be flattering to some people if they are mistaken to be younger than their real age. This situation turns out to be quite the opposite for 55-year-old Edson Brandao, from Groningen, The Netherlands. Even his photos show his youthful appearance, and he is often mistaken by other people to be his step-daughter’s boyfriend.

Edson feels awkward about people asking him if his stepdaughter is his girlfriend, and he can’t blame them due to his young-looking appearance, which makes people think he is in his 20s.

Image credit: Edson Brandao @edsonsecret/Media Drum World Young-looking Edson claims that even the police says his ID may be fake.
Image credit: Edson Brandao @edsonsecret/Media Drum World Edson claims he never had plastic surgery. Fitness, nutrition, and a positive outlook gave him his youthful appearance.

Although Edson Brandao is 55-years-old, he is easily mistaken to be half his age. His looks tell everyone that he may be in his mid-20s, and is often mistaken to be his step-daughter’s boyfriend when he is with his family.

Edson, an influencer, personal coach, and writer from Groningen, the Netherlands, insists that he never had any plastic surgeries done to make himself look young.

He gives credit to his positive mindset, exercising, good nutrition, and skincare for his appearance.

When he was a teenager, he developed insecurity about his looks when he compared himself to his good-looking and slim friends. This led Edson to turn a new leaf and change his life for good. Now, he credits his youthful appearance to a decision he made 30 years ago.

Image credit: Edson Brandao @edsonsecret/Media Drum World People get confused why he looks half his age, and Edson can’t blame them.
Image credit: Edson Brandao @edsonsecret/Media Drum World He had insecurities about his body when he was a teenager. Now, the personal coach has a positive mindset that led to his youthful appearance.

Edson admits that he feels awkward when people ask if his stepdaughter is his girlfriend.

“When I go to parties with our kids, everyone is convinced I am my step-daughter’s boyfriend, which is embarrassing for everyone,” says Edson. “I am the eldest of my brothers, with the others aged 52, 28, and 27. At family reunions, people ask my father whether I am the youngest son.”

Credits to: Edson Brandao @iamedsonbrandao/Instagram

“Once when traveling, I was flagged by the order police in Switzerland as they didn’t believe that I was forty at that moment. They took my passport and checked it. They were surprised the passport belonged to me and wasn’t a forgery. The police asked me what I did to look so young.”

Image credit: Edson Brandao @iamedsonbrandao/Instagram
Image credit: Edson Brandao @iamedsonbrandao/Instagram

Edson reveals that his youthful appearance is no secret. He does not smoke or use illegal drugs and only maintains a healthy lifestyle daily.

“My diet is not really a diet. My secret is that I don’t actually have a specific diet, but a diet plan for life!” says Edson. “That makes all the difference. I moderately eat everything, but I prefer healthier food. My diet consists of a good variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals, whole grains, fish, and all kinds of vegetable protein, and if they are organic, even better.”

“I also do 40 minutes of aerobic exercise and 60 minutes of exercise with weights and also do meditation twice a week to reduce stress and improve the feeling of well-being,” Edson continues. “I eat between 2,000 and 2,500 calories a day to maintain my weight.”

Image credit: Edson Brandao @iamedsonbrandao/Instagram
Image credit: Edson Brandao @iamedsonbrandao/Instagram

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Edson helped thousands of people online around the world when the lockdown took effect and spread positive news on a healthy lifestyle, fitness, staying young, and motivation to have a happier life.

“The coronavirus pandemic was a difficult time for people, and I used my platform to give them motivation for a healthier and happier lifestyle,” says Edson. “People were depressed during the lockdown, and I was able to encourage them to follow their dreams no matter their age.”

“I told people to look at the bright side of life and not focus on their problems, as what matters more is how you overcome them. For example, a few weeks ago, my Instagram account with 32,000 followers was hacked. And now I have to start building up my network from the start. I have a new account @edsonsecrets, the same name as before.”

Edson claims that age does not matter if you would like to start having a healthy lifestyle. Start now. It is never too late for anyone to have a healthier lifestyle at any point in their lives.

“For anyone looking to be healthier, I would say, maintain a regular diet and sleep 8 hours per night,” says Edson. “Exercise every day and walk for at least half an hour. It is important to pay attention to your diet and make your meal more colorful. You should enjoy life’s pleasures like occasional desserts, sex, and travel. Control addiction: alcohol, abuse of pills, drugs, and cigarettes are the great villains of longevity. And don’t forget to keep your mind, spirit, and body in balance. Smile and think positively! Your life will change for the better. I guarantee it.”

Just like Edson Brandao, we can be successful in starting a healthier lifestyle. Who knows, maybe we could still look younger than our original age.


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