57-year-old Woman Lives Alone Happily in a Mobile Home, Occasionally Moving to a Different Environment and Enjoying Life on Her Own


Everybody yearns for a happy and quiet life, though the definition of this differs with people from all walks of life. Most people center their lives on getting a stable job and marrying that one-true-love, and some of them are just happy being single. They may be alone, but not lonely. These are the people who can channel their inner self and become their own happiness.

An article recently was published, and I could not help but share. It is about a 57-year-old woman who lives alone in a mobile home. She is Dolly Rubiano Villacorte from Victoria, Australia. She shared how she enjoys life being single and shows photos of the scenery inside and outside her mobile home.

Though she is unmarried and lives alone, she lives such a comfortable and happy life, much to the envy of many citizens.

1. Simple mobile home

According to Dolly, she used her savings to buy this simple mobile home. Just like an automobile, it had wheels for transporting from one place to another. She moves around a lot, changing her environment from time to time, giving herself the “traveling” experience.

May be an image of grass, nature and sky

The interior design of the mobile home is practical and looks very comfortable. It suits the ambiance wherever it is settled. You may stay in the countryside with beautiful scenery or stop by a place where you can watch the sunset while having a drink.

A mobile home that can be transported anywhere you please is enough to be envied by many. It is like traveling to various places without leaving the comforts of your own home.

2. Warm and comfortable cabin-like layout

Since Dolly lives alone, she has arranged her interior designs according to her preferences. Inside, the layout of the mobile home looks convenient and very comfortable. Every room is cozy.

She used log wind with green plants and pink home designs to give her home that feminine look. At 57-years-old, Dolly still maintained a youthful personality. Given the warm and cozy interior arrangement, the life she lives has a very positive outlook and she is fulfilled.

3. Well-organized furniture

The area of the mobile home is not too large, hence, the woman has arranged her furniture in such a way that her movements may not be limited while indoors. She also made room for a small storage compartment to keep all her important belongings, and set aside some gear that may be of use at another time.

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Idealistic Dolly has made the space under the stairs the perfect spot for her storage compartment. In there, she keeps all her daily necessities and home items not needed at the moment. This is an excellent idea to free up space in a mobile home.

4. A business for herself

Although 57-year-old Dolly Villacorte is not married, she does not go out and socialize much. She prefers to stay at home and manages to enjoy herself on her own, managing life the best way she can. Although she admits, she has not closed her doors to meeting someone someday.

Dolly, who has found happiness on her own is content, she appreciates the simplicity of life, eating her meals outdoors while enjoying the view of either the sunrise or the sunset. Such an exquisite life for a happy single woman is truly fascinating.

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After reading the article and sharing this, I realized that being single and alone does not mean you are unhappy. Dolly Villacorte is the perfect epitome of independence and contentment. The beauty inside of her mobile home depicts the elegance she reflects on her own life.

Dolly sends a subtle message that being single and alone can still be great!

Credit: Tiny MissDolly on Wheels Facebook and http://funnews61.com/


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