A Mother from Tennessee Gives Birth to a Baby Girl After Having 6 Boys


Images credits: Ariel Tyson @arielctyson/Instagram

Having a baby in the family makes a couple complete. In the past, having 2 or 3 children was enough. Nowadays, couples decide to have more than 3 children, building a big family. “‘The more, the merrier!’ they say.” Although in the USA, there is a mother who never gave up having children since she kept having boys, and she wanted a girl to complete her family.

Ariel Tyson from Tennessee, USA, gave birth to 6 babies. According to Daily Star UK, all of her babies were boys, and Ariel admits that she was like living in a boys’ dormitory. A few months later, she realized she was pregnant again.

In December 2021, Ariel gave birth to her 7th baby. The couple was surprised to discover that they finally have a baby girl! It turns out that after the birth of their 3rd child, Ariel decided not to guess what the gender of the next baby would be, nor have an ultrasound to find out. “For us, every one of our children is perfect, and this time, too. No additional pressure and expectations.”

The boys were excited to find out that they finally have a baby sister. For them, she was like a treasure for the family, a precious little one. Everyone is overjoyed, they all want to hug, touch, or chat with her. Ariel said with relief, “The brothers are very kind to their sister. Well, they all like to know her, love her, and want to protect her. I believe their relationship with their sister changes as they get older, but now, they care about her like a little princess.”

Some netizens commented harshly on why Ariel wanted a daughter when she has given birth to 6 boys, which seemed to be a form of sexism. Ariel and her husband, Michael, say that the idea never even crossed their minds. “No! We always wanted a big family, but I originally imagined 4 to 5 children. I didn’t expect it to become a big family of 9!”

On Ariel’s Instagram account, photos of the boys surrounding their baby sister are very touching. You can feel the warmth and happiness just by looking at the pictures. It is a guarantee that her brothers will be her “backers” even until she grows up!


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