72-year-old Woman in Japan is a Fashion Icon! Photos in Her Instagram Makes Her Look Like a Model


Credits to: ASAMI & saori @naito_saori/Instagram

“Age is just a number,” people say. Have you ever wondered how you would look when you reach a certain age that people may say you are old? Some people who reach the ages of 60 or 70 still may look young, and some of them even “feel” young.

72-year-old Naito Asami from Japan is a perfect example of a person who is young at heart. She may have wrinkles on her face and white hair on her head, but this lady lives a free and elegant life and defies her age. She is a famous blogger with more than 90,000 Instagram followers. People who know her admire this elderly woman who lives her life gracefully!

▼Photos of Grandma Naito on Instagram wearing dashing outfits amaze people and make them ignore her real age. Blue and white porcelain shirts, dresses, and pumps, her outfits are considered noble yet a little retro. The round-neck 1-piece dress is fashionable, and a Gabriela Hearst Demi wonton bag completes the dignified look.

▼The basic white polo blouse is paired with white jeans, a light color that gives a gentle and peaceful feeling, and a laid-back casual look. Tucked in and paired with brown high-heeled shoes, the fashion depicts the exquisite attitude towards life itself.

▼The gray checkered pullover shirt topped over a black fishtail dress may be basic though it brings out the best of a design. The fashion is casual, though it shows a young and playful feel. A pair of shoes that is the same color as the dress neutralizes the original seriousness of the fashion.

▼The blue denim long-sleeved shirt shows a more serious look, with the embroidered lace design on the shoulders making the fashion mood more gentle. The texture of the white wide-leg straight pants makes her legs look more slender. The look is slightly monotonous, and Grandma Naito topped it with a brown belt as an accessory, giving it a simple but fashionable look.

▼A white lace shirt with black trousers may be simple but is really expensive! The white laced shirt is elegant, while the black leather pants with matching black boots are exquisite. The accent of this set is the scarf shawl with tassels, which not only adds color to the fashion but also brings out the mood.

▼Khaki-colored loose shirt with a printed long skirt and a printed bag gives a playful and energetic feeling to your day.

▼Grandma Naito generously shared her matching secrets: to boldly use basic styles and bright colors, but pay attention to the color matching between 2-piece clothing. Add accents to the waistline, use embroidery, lace, and other soft fabric elements, use textured accessories, and pointed soft bottoms to emphasize the moods. The most important thing is to have a calm and peaceful mentality for the best fashion on a beautiful day!

▼Here are some more of Grandma Naito’s dashing outfits:

“Aging is inevitable,” says Grandma Naito. “But if you maintain a good attitude, you can live a youthful life.”

Great fashion has nothing to do with aging. You can pursue being fashionable at any age, it doesn’t matter.

Check out her Instagram page. View her youthful photos and feel the energy of Grandma Naito!

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