A Newly-Employed Man Delivered a Dilapidated Pizza to a Customer; He was Later Ridiculed by His Boss with a Hilarious Punishment Photo


Food delivery has been the trend nowadays since the pandemic started, although it has been around for quite some time. Family gatherings and the like have been using delivery service since it is more convenient than having to go to the restaurant.

What the consumers do not know is that sometimes delivery drivers encounter unavoidable situations such as spilling the drinks or knocking over the food, and even ride through rough weather just to deliver our orders on time. Although customer complaints are inevitable, these are situations we must consider the drivers are going through when they deliver food.

Recently, a foreign citizen ordered a pizza for delivery. Unfortunately, the pizza slices were separated and ruined when the order arrived. He took a photo of the pizza and sent it to the manager of the pizza store.

▼The customer sent the photo of the ruined pizza and the manager apologized immediately: “We will send you a new pizza right away. Sorry, this deliveryman is new.” The customer realized that the driver would get into trouble with his boss and would probably have his salary deducted. He then replied: “It’s okay. Just thought you should know. No need for another.”

▼​Although the manager of the pizza shop insisted, the customer still refused. “No, no. Please. It’s okay. This won’t stop me from ordering from you in the future. Great pizza and always great service. No worries.”

▼​The manager assumes that it is a serious matter when a rider delivers food that is not of good quality since it may not sell properly. “We will make the person responsible fix it. It’s the best training we can do. Much better than just telling them. They will remember not to do again if they will deliver again.”

▼The customer sent the photo of the pizza he ordered since it was ruined, not to make any trouble to the delivery man, but just to show the dilapidated pizza. He explained, “I feel bad. Please don’t send a new pizza. Just tell him he got lucky with a forgiving customer who holds him harmless. He was very nice.” Finally, the manager agreed to what the customer wanted, though he made a compromise: “Okay then, we will make him stand in the corner.”

▼​Finally, the manager was convinced, and the customer was relieved. He said, “Okay, but I want a photo.”

▼The manager took a photo of the delivery driver with his back to the camera and said, “Okay. Enjoy.” The customer replied, “Poor guy. Rough night. The pizza still tastes great, though.”

When netizens learned of the kind-hearted customer, they agreed. They realized that he did not bother troubling the driver, but to remind him that he was lucky to encounter a good customer. Maybe in the future, the customer would still want the same driver to deliver his pizzas.


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