The Real Lion King! A Video of a Baby Golden Retriever with a Lion Headgear Has Gone Viral


Golden Retrievers are from the canine family, and lions are considered wild cats. During their infant days, Golden Retriever puppies and Lions look similar to each other due to their color. The only difference is that the Golden Retriever puppies naturally have calm expressions when a lion cub has a domineering stature since their kind are considered “King of the Beasts” by nature.

A Golden Retriever puppy with a lion headgear has captured the hearts of netizens around the world. Initially, you would think that you are looking at a lion cub, but look closer. There you go!

A dog owner had 2 Golden Retriever puppies. They are not only lively but lovely, as well. Earlier, the owner bought headgear for dogs in a pet store and placed it on the darker puppy. It fits! Once they were brought out to play in the park, passersby who realized it was a Golden Retriever with a headgear found it cute and called it “The Lion King!”

The headgear is too big. I keep shaking. 😆

A Golden Retriever that looks like a lion!

When the “lion” puppy noticed that its owner was capturing a video of their play in the park, it instantly looked at the camera and flashed a wide smile.

▲Little Golden Retriever: “You are photographing me. I really am the cutest lion!”

The puppy knows that the camera is kind to him.

▲Little Golden Retriever: “I know you find me cute. C’mon! Let’s play!”

Netizens left comments one after another on the owner’s social media page:

“The Shanzhai version of Simba! 😆”

“This little lion is so cute!”

“Hahaha! The puppy is so happy with the headgear.”

“It’s really good! We will make one next time.”

“I also want to raise a Golden Retriever, too!”

“Hahahahaha! It’s the Golden Lion King!”

“Is it just a little lion?”

“This little lion is so cute! 😆”

Raise a Golden Retriever puppy, then make it wear a lion headgear. You get Simba, the Lion King! This way, you get two for the price of one… a Golden Retriever Lion.

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