A Couple Finds a Cute Black Puppy on the Side of the Road; Upon Picking It Up, There were 3 More Black Puppies were Behind It


Puppies that are one or two months old are very cute, but when they are stray dogs, survival is difficult for them. With no one to tend to them, who knows how long these cute little fur babies will last in the wild.

When a netizen and her husband were out on the road joyriding, they found a little black puppy inside a flowerpot on the side of the road. When they got out of the car, they noticed that the puppy looked abandoned.

They walked towards it and picked up the dog, but they found that there were 3 more little cute dogs behind the abandoned flowerpot that looked just like it. This surprised the couple. They gathered all 4 puppies and discussed what to do with them.

As for the puppies, when they saw the couple coming to them, they barked loudly, as if they were asking for help, and they seemed to be really hungry. Later, the couple decided to take them all home first, and then find a suitable home for them in the village.

After taking the dogs home, some of the puppies weakly laid on the ground, while others stood up and walked around curiously.

When the mother-in-law saw that they brought back so many dogs, she said that the couple couldn’t even take care of themselves, and they brought back this litter to cause more trouble for themselves, so they were encouraged to give them away. Of course, the couple was not willing at first, because they love dogs. The puppies looked really cute but finally decided to find a new home for all the puppies after they could survive a few more days living with them.


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