Photos of Handsome Men Reading Has Garnered Millions of Followers and Has Gone Viral on Instagram


In this age of technology, most people use their mobile phones to browse the internet, listen to music, play online games, or read an eBook. You will notice these people when you take the train or ride the bus. Lately, photos of handsome men reading physical books have emerged on Instagram, and some people seem to assume that this is a subtle way of promoting the ‘old school’ way of reading.

An Instagram account, @hotdudesreading, is a page dedicated to photos of handsome men reading just about anywhere you can spot them! In the beginning, pictures of handsome men in Paris trams flooded the IG account. This time, contributors to the page collect and shares photos of boys and men around the world. To some women, handsome men reading physical books are more than just attractive. They exude charms and intelligence, which is relatively rare in this age of technology.

Photos vary from men wearing formal suits to simple short-sleeved shirts, cargo shorts, and hip-hop-style clothes. Their style of clothing does not match the attraction they display when they are reading a book.

A contributor shared this photo of a handsome man reading one of JRR Tolkien’s books and commented: “These pictures look too much like covers of a magazine!!”

Intelligence and seduction at its finest!

Asians are into reading, too. Not only are their features handsome, but they are also intellectual.

The muscles visible under their shirts are no comparison to the ‘sexiness’ they display when these hot men are reading!

The western cowboy suit makes the handsome guy seem like a little boy studying while riding the subway. 😆

Men with appeal and significance are everywhere! When you look around, some men are not only handsome, but they also take the time to stimulate their intellect while reading books.

Firefighters also take time out from a stressful day to read and relax.

Should you wish to follow the page on Instagram, log in to your account and CLICK HERE. If you would like to contribute a photo, instructions on how to share your photo are on the Instagram page.

Personally, I found the page quite interesting. Guess I will click the ‘FOLLOW’ button, too. 😆

Images credits: Hot Dudes Reading @hotdudesreading/Instagram


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