Putting Salt at the Entrance of Your Home is Surprisingly Useful. Here’s Why.


SALT has always been a necessity during mealtime, be it in a restaurant or at home. You will also find various types of salt in every kitchen – iodized and rock. It is one of the most affordable condiments used for cooking and baking. For centuries, there were even ‘legends’ about salt.

Although salt (generic name: Sodium Chloride) is relatively a food seasoning, taken in large quantities can lead to hypertension, kidney problems, and fluid retention. Nevertheless, it can be of good use for cleaning homes. So the next time your doctor forbids you to take salt, use it for cleaning the house instead.

SALT wards off ants

Believe it or not, salt will always be a necessity in one’s life. Not only is it a flavorful seasoning for your favorite food, but also essential for cleaning and optimizing your home. Here’s how.

Ants crawling in numbers inside the house can be a nuisance. To get rid of them, simply spread salt in the area where they crawl. There is an ingredient in salt that repels the ants. These little creatures have been roaming the planet since time immemorial, and they are very intelligent and industrious beings. However, people during ancient times have discovered that man’s favorite seasoning for food is a repellant for ants.

SALT will solve problems of moisture

Most people worry about humidity inside the home and assume that it may damage wooden furniture, or worse, may cause corrosion on any metallic objects indoors. Do not fret. A little salt inside the home will do the trick. Spread salt on areas where moisture frequently occurs.

SALT will clean your silverware

Depending on the household, silverware is used often or seldom. Though it is a fact that silverware lose its shine as the years pass, with daily use or when only on display. When you notice that your silverware is losing its dazzle, a pinch of salt mixed with another seasoning will restore its original shine.

Mix salt with vinegar, and use a cleaning brush. The mixture will remove stains and restore shine to your silverware and other metal objects in your home.

Ensure that your home has stocks of salt. They may come in handy not only for dining but also for maintaining optimization in your humble abode.


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