To Protect our Furry Friends From Heat and Rain; A Bright Idea from Thailand Community Installed Sheds as Temporary Shelters for Stray Dogs


Stray dogs can now take shelter from the strong winds, the sun’s scorching heat, or when the rainy season comes. A kind-hearted administrator from an online Thai community in Muang Thong Thani loves stray animals and wanted to protect them from the harsh weather. He recruited volunteers who cooperated and helped build temporary shelters for the furry strays.

Take a look at the sheds they made from reused billboards.

Photos show that many of the triangular-shaped sheds were set up by the administrators and volunteers on the walls in various areas of the community. The stray dogs are free to take shelter in them when it rains, when the sun is too hot, or when the day is windy. They are lightweight, convenient, and very easy to use. The shed can be folded when not in use. There are also illustrations on the front portion of the shed. Anyone can quickly assemble the shelter and let the stray dogs in.

Netizens are amazed and have praised the administrators and volunteers for this project. Photos posted on the online community have gone viral. Here are some of the comments written by some of the online group members:

“What a heart-warming idea!”

“So the stray dogs don’t have to worry about rainy days anymore.”

“I hope every community can have these sheds.”

“Thanks to the enthusiastic administrators and volunteers!”

Photos and more details were posted on an online group on Facebook. You may show your support for stray dogs by joining the online community, จรจัดสรร (Stand for Strays)! Do not forget to click on the ‘Follow’ button to receive notifications on the latest community news.

Seeing this amazing invention made especially for the strays touches the hearts of animal lovers around the world. Hopefully, people around the world would create more shelters for stray animals that seek a temporary haven from the unpredictable weather.

There are millions of stray animals roaming the streets every day. They, too, need love and protection. A little kindness can go a long way. #AdoptNotShop

Images credits: Street4Legs @street4legs/Facebook


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