A Woman Waited 54 Years for Her Lost Husband and Finally Discovered He has Remarried and had Many Children and Grandchildren


One can only imagine how a wife could have felt when she realizes that her husband has married another woman and has built a family when they have lost contact after many years. 54 years have passed since they reunited, and the husband has married another woman. They had many children and grandchildren together, while the wife who waited never remarried.

In a country where war was raging in the 1940s, many families were relocated. In a small remote village in the mountains, a couple who has just been married were immediately separated after their wedding night. The husband had to go to war, and the wife promised to wait for his return. She claimed that if she could not wait, she will never remarry.

At the time, the love between newlyweds is unwavering and very strong. As the saying goes, “A love so strong can illuminate the sun and the moon.” However, even a strong bond between a couple may falter in the unexpected flow of events. After a few days, the wife had to relocate to avoid the ongoing war. With the husband at war and the wife leaving her hometown to settle in another city, the couple had lost contact.

For many years, the wife has inquired for any updates on her husband, but all the news she has been receiving is either he has vacated the area or he may have died in battle. The wife never gave up on trying to find news about her husband, and even after years have passed, she kept her promise never to remarry.

From time to time, her family and friends persuaded her to give up and remarry. She can still have a good and happy marriage with a new partner. Her word of honor was strong, and she never wavered in her promise, not even through the persuasion of others.

54 years have passed in a blink of an eye. At this time, the young wife who waited for her husband to return home has become a gray-haired elderly woman. Until that day, when her family and friends ask her if she regrets waiting for her husband and not remarrying, her response would only be a smile. For her, ‘word of honor’ is more important than finding a new husband.

Fate turned the tables when 2020 arrived. The elderly woman finally received news about her husband through some people who knew his family. Sadly, her expectations turned into disappointment when the (former) couple finally met. Being separated for 54 years and with no contact with each other, the elderly woman was unaware that her husband has remarried and had many children and grandchildren.

Although the husband felt embarrassed, the elderly woman did not hesitate to welcome him. The former couple hugged and cried for being away from each other for so long. The grandfather admit that he felt guilty since his ex-wife did not remarry and waited for him for 54 years.

In between sadness and anger, the elderly woman pounded on the grandfather’s chest and cried, “I have waited for you for 54 years! Why didn’t you come to me? Where have you been all these years?” With a loss for words, the grandfather hugged her and cried.

It turns out that when he returned to their hometown from war, his home was in ruins, and nobody knew of his wife’s location. Assuming that his wife has passed, he moved on. He married another woman and had many children and grandchildren as the years passed. He changed his name before he remarried. At the time of war, most people are not able to read, and their random names were changed. During that time, there was still no household registration. With millions of people who have changed their names, how could she find him? The elderly woman waited in vain.

Life can be cruel at times, but acceptance is inevitable. Both parties are not at fault, and situations are unstoppable. C’est la vie! That’s life!

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