Thrifty Chow Yun-fat is Worth $718 Million Though He Only Spends $100 Monthly, Eats in a Common Ramen Restaurant Downtown, and Uses the Same Nokia Phone for 17 Years


Hong Kong-based Hollywood actor Chow Yun-fat prefers living his life simply and peacefully, away from the limelight. He enjoys a quiet life with his wife of 36 years. Although he earns millions from his acting career, he chooses to be thrifty and spends only when necessary. According to his wife, Jasmine, he has been using the same Nokia phone for 17 years and has recently purchased a smartphone when it stopped working.

The star of “God of Gamblers” earned his nickname ‘Second Brother’ when the blockbuster movie was released in 1989. The film was highly-patronized by moviegoers, and Chow Yun-fat instantly became a household name. Fame is easily attached to his name due to his good youthful looks and handsome physique. He has worked alongside popular actors and his status was at its peak. For years, people recognized him with his alias.

Most of his fans are surprised that fame did not get into his head. He is still the same humble person people knew before he became an international film star. 67-year-old Chow Yun-fat is worth US $718 million as of 2018. When other celebrities tend to squander their wealth on various investments, the Hong Kong-based celebrity prefers to live a simple life among the common people. He reportedly earns millions of dollars in a year though he only spends merely US $100 (SGD$140) a month. He spends $3.25 a day, which is 200% less than how much he earns per movie. He is also seen by everyday people taking public transport when he commutes.

Recently, a netizen spotted Chow Yun-fat in a common noodle shop. He was wearing a plain black sweatshirt and a baseball cap which seemed like he just finished exercising for the day and sitting comfortably at the restaurant. The people at the noodle shop noticed that he has gray hair and has aged gracefully, still handsome and physically fit for a man of his age. Some of his fans who encountered him in the restaurant were distressed by his pale appearance and could not believe that their idol has changed physically throughout the years. Nevertheless, he was still the ‘idol in their hearts’.

Chow Yun-fat was seen eating a bowl of hot ramen and only a glass of water for his refreshment. People in the restaurant were amazed by his simplicity despite his celebrity stature. He was having a meal amidst everyday people. He was entertaining and smiling at everyone who acknowledges his presence, although some were intimidated to disturb him while he had his meal. He did not shun the people taking his photos. He greeted and interacted with the fans, engaged in small conversations like an old friend to them, offered some of his food, and stopped for selfies. He appreciated the company of the people as the people enjoyed his company, as well.

The everybody’s surprise, the interaction between celebrities and fans did not cause excessive commotion in the restaurant. Everyone was entertained, and people admired Chow Yun-fat more. Some of the netizens were heard saying that they hope most of the celebrities would be as humble as Chow Yun-fat. With more than 110 films, 38 television series, and a video game attached to his name, Chow Yun-fat remains a down-to-earth person with millions of fans all over the world.

Chow Yun-fat may have faded from the limelight but insists that he has not retired from showbiz. As of late, he is enjoying life at his advanced age and is more relaxed, exercising daily. He is no longer active in the industry and lives a good life, not unlike an ordinary person who frequents the downtown area. Chow Yun-fat narrows the distance between celebrities and the public.

The public loves Chow Yun-fat due to his charisma and practicality. He entertains people wherever he goes, and in return, the people highly respect him. He never lacks communication with the public, and undoubtedly, he will be remembered for the years to come. When you encounter Chow Yun-fat in public, acknowledge him. Your greeting will surely be reciprocated.

Image credits: SOHU


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