Stray Puppy Gives the Rescuer His Only Bread To Say Thank You


When animal rescuers found this little cute puppy in the junk yard in South Africa, he looked sick and tired and could hardly walk.

But this little canine was very happy the rescuers found him and kept wagging its tail to say thank you.

The only ‘Food’ besides this little dog was a piece of bread.

The Puppy was very happy to see the rescuers although he was very weak and sick on the muddy ground.

The puppy picked up the bread with the only strenght it has to give it to the rescuers to say Thank You.

The puppy was cold and hungry so the rescuers gave him food, water and sent him to see the vet.

They found a foster home for a week to take care of this little puppy then eventually a lovely family with a big house adopted this little puppy.

The puppy grew up strong and now he has a new hobby of collecting rocks.


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