A Dog who Lived Longest in a Shelter Sleeps Comfortably and Smiled When He Found His Forever Home


Petey, a year-old dog who lived in a high-intake shelter in North Carolina transferred to SPCA Wake in early October last year, and he has so far been the longest resident in the shelter. The staff has been pushing to find him a home but has been overlooked by adopters, but they wanted to give Petey a chance to find a good and happy family to bring him to his forever home.

SPCA Wake shared a photo of Petey on their Facebook page in hopes that someone would decide to adopt him. Sure enough, a family saw his image a few weeks later and instantly fell in love with Petey. The dog was finally adopted by a nice family and brought him home where he met his new brother. The family posted photos of Petey when he was asleep comfortably and with a huge smile on his face.

“That is the smile of a dog that knows he’s home,” SPCA Wake captioned on their Facebook post.

The photo of Petey with a huge smile on his face warmed the hearts of his family, the shelter, and netizens. They all felt relieved that he has found his forever home.

“Petey is settling in wonderfully in his new home,” his family said. “He enjoys sleeping in the bed, fetching, and smelling about the yard. And he adores playing with his new sibling and any other canine companion he comes across. Petey is the ideal addition; he is well-liked and is revealing his charming nature. We are happy to have him.”

It’s a happily ever after for Petey, and the satisfied look on his cute face says that he is contented and well-loved by his new family. Welcome home, Petey! ❤️

Images and Facebook posts credit: © SPCA of Wake County


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