A Chihuahua Believed to Have Died, Ran into Her Mom’s Arms When They Reunited at the Shelter


It has been 2 years since Maile Trist heard that her beloved Chihuahua, Jazzy, died. However, when she received an email regarding her dog, she assumed it was spam mail. The email stated that her beloved dog, an elderly Chihuahua breed named Jazzy, was found wandering at a quarry and was brought to the Cowley County Humane Society. Initially, Maile could not believe what she was reading.

4 years ago, Maile met Jazzy at the San Diego Humane Society. At her cage, there was a sign that said, “Do not pet,” but somehow, Maile ignored it. She fell in love with the cute pup inside and said she found her dog.

“I came across my gorgeous girl, I stuck my hand in the cage, and she automatically walked right up to me, tail wagging, and put her head in my hand,” Maile Trist excitedly said. “I started crying because I had found my dog!” Jazzy found her forever home, and the 2 were inseparable.

2 years passed, and the duo moved from San Diego to Kansas. Maile got busy with the home transfer and landed a new full-time job. She felt she did not have time to look after Jazzy. She met a couple who were dog lovers and entrusted Jazzy to them until the situation settled.

A few weeks passed, and Maile decided she wanted to get Jazzy back. She reached out to the couple but to no avail. They ignored her calls and deactivated their social media accounts. They were nowhere to be found. Fortunately, her fiancé managed to find them and tried to claim Jazzy back.

“The lady told him she had died three months prior,” Maile sadly said. “About a year and a half went by, and lots and lots of grieving. I felt horrible forever giving her to them because I thought I wasn’t there for her last moments.”

Feeling devastated, Maile could not forget Jazzy and was feeling guilty that she was not with her beloved dog when she passed. When she received the news that the senior dog was found, Maile dropped everything and went to the shelter where she stayed. Thanks to the microchip that Jazzy had.

“I automatically headed home from my job, and got in the car, and headed to her,” Maile said. “I was crying on and off the whole way there, which was almost a three-hour drive. I couldn’t believe she was still alive, and I had no idea how she ended up that far away, but in those moments, I did not care.”

When Maile arrived at the Cowley County Humane Society shelter, Jazzy immediately recognized her, and Maile burst out into tears. Jazzy could not stop wagging her tail in excitement and was very happy to be reunited with her mom after 2 years.

Here is the touching reunion between Maile and Jazzy:

Credits to: The Pet Needs/YouTube

“She kind of went to sniff around but came right back to me and gave me even more kisses,” Maile said. “She would not leave my lap or my arms the whole car ride home, either. She’s been so, so happy ever since, and she will not leave my side or let me go anywhere without her, and I feel the same way!”

Jazzy is finally back home, and Maile decided never to lose sight of her beloved senior dog again. Maile never found out what happened to Jazzy in those 2 years she was lost. However, they are happy now, and Jazzy is safe and sound. The senior dog is spending her golden years back in the arms of her loving mom.

“She’s a little whiter than she was from the last time I saw her, and her hips are a little more sore,” Maile said, “But she’s still the same old lady she was before, and I’m so glad she stayed loving through these last two years.”

Maile Trist and senior dog Jazzy have never separated again since.

Images credits: The Dodo and Majestic Animals


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