‘Unsеllаblе’ Pomeranian Dog Becomes Instagram Celebrity After Breeder Dumps Him


A Pomeranian dog is one of the best breeds to have as a pet. They are easy to maintain and are very popular due to their small bodies and lightweight. This breed is friendly and gentle to humans and other animals. However, some breeders do not prefer Pomeranians that are bigger than usual. According to them, huge-sized Pomeranians are ‘unsellable’. Therefore, they stay longer in the market and are unable to find forever homes.

Bertram was 5 months old when he was abandoned in a shelter in Tulsa by his breeder. The staff adored him due to his mellow attitude and friendly nature. Although they wanted Bertram to stay as long as possible, they were still determined to find him a forever home where a family would love and care for him. This is when an art dealer from New York chanced upon his photos on Pеtfindеr.

It was love at first sight! Kathy Grayson’s attention was captivated by Bertram’s expressive eyes. She immediately went to the shelter and adopted the pup. Although Bert and Kathy had a rough start, it was never an issue with her, and she instantly fell in love with the dog. Kathy often calls him Bert, and their lives together changed at that moment.

When Kathy posted photos of Bertram on Instagram, netizens instantly fell in love with the pup, and both their pages garnered more followers. Bert’s Instagram has оvеr 417,000 fаns, while Kathy has 34.3K followers. People who have seen Bert’s photos cannot get enough of him.

Bert also goes to Kаthу’s аrt gаllеrу, where he has become a star. He has become the center of attention whenever people visit the shop, and Bertram clearly enjoys it. The abandoned Pomeranian puppy deemed ‘unsellable’ by its breeder has become a celebrity and living a happy life in New York, cared for by his loving mom, Kathy.

Visit Bertram’s Instagram page to view more of his wonderful adventures.

Images credits: © Bertram The Pomeranian @bertiebertthepom/Instagram


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