A Store Clerk Standing at the Doorway Witnessed a Female Customer Stealing Powdered Milk but Looked the Other Way and Pretended Not to See Her


For a mother, bearing children is as hard as raising them. For first-time parents, expenses mount up one after another. A lot of the budget must be set aside for food, clothing, house rent, gas, and repairs for transportation. However, life does not come easy. Many people are affected by the impact of inflation, and some of them are unemployed. Recent news caused heated discussions among netizens.

Brandon Tamayo was employed as an inspector situated at the doorway of a Walmart branch in the USA. He was responsible for inspecting the grocery bags of the customer before they exit the store and ensuring that the item quantity matches the receipt. He discovered that female customers often steal powdered milk. A few days ago, he shared his experience on TikTok.

Brandon admitted that he often finds a few extra cans of milk powder or baby products in the bags of female customers. However, he pretends not to see them and lets the customers leave. He thought that baby formulas are very expensive, and mothers need to feed their children with milk. “Anyway, the company won’t reward us for preventing customers from stealing, so I just let them leave silently,” Brandon said.

Before the video was taken down, it has garnered 2 million views. Netizens belonging to 2 opposing groups argued in the comments section. Some people thought that Brandon was very kind to turn a blind eye when needed, and also thought that the government must provide more subsidies for low-income households, especially for single parents. Some of the comments read: “Not all heroes wear capes.” and “We should nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize.”

However, other netizens thought that stealing is still a wrongdoing.

“Although it is hard to raise children, stealing is wrong.”

“These people who steal goods, their children may also imitate their behavior when they grow up.”

“If she has no children at all, she then resells the milk powder?”

There may be valid reasons on both sides. Sometimes, the law can be quite lop-sided but it is still the law and we must abide by them. For whatever reason, stealing is a behavior that should not be tolerated.

Images credits: 17 Go Forward


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