35yo Man in Hong Kong Marries a Silicon Doll and Occasionally Showers Her with Lavish Gifts


Most of the time, silicone dolls are used for stag parties and left with the host to accompany him through the last night before he marries. However, photos of a 35-year-old man from Hong Kong emerged on social media sites, showing his silicone wife and baby doll, which he calls his family. Additionally, he gives her lavish gifts on occasion, such as a Cartier watch and an iPhone.

Xie Tianrong from Hong Kong bought a 30kg. silicone doll that was 158cm. tall. The doll was a prototype of the Japanese Animé TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion character, Asuka Langley Soryu. He named her “Mochi”.

He regards Mochi as his wife. They eat meals together, he buys her clothes, and they live in their own home with a car. Together they watch movies and TV, play video games, and go for walks. When there is an occasion, he generously gives her presents such as Cartier watches and an iPhone 12, among other gifts. He carefully changes her clothes and shares photos of them on Facebook groups.

The unusual couple also likes dining out, and the two visit antique restaurants for dinner, wearing vintage couple outfits. Netizens are amazed by their gorgeous appearances in photos. Xie Tianrong also shares a series of photos taken while they go out shopping.

Xie Tianrong admitted that he had a girlfriend in the past. However, he could no longer tolerate her attitude of being selfish, and taking things more than she can give in return. When they broke up, he poured his heart out to Mochi and realized that he did not have to deal with unnecessary drama, so he felt it was easier to get along with Mochi.

He married Mochi when he felt the timing was right. Later, he bought a female baby doll to form a family, and he felt complete. Netizens who saw their “family” photos on Facebook celebrated. News of the unusual family caused heated discussion among netizens around the world. Some of them made T-shirts with their photo to commemorate their family and the couple’s love story.

Everybody has the prerogative of their choices as long as they are happy and do not hurt themselves or anybody else. In life, we do not have to please anybody but ourselves.

Images credits: © Xie Tianrong/Facebook


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