Students Can’t Stop Admiring How Beautiful Their New Lecturer is in the University in UK


Nowadays, when students enroll in universities, they choose courses that suit their interests. When school begins and they attend their respective classes, students talk about their favorite professors after a few days. They are often seen during break time giggling and swooning over their teachers, who turn out to be their college crushes. Some netizens shared photos of a female university professor who is a splitting image of a famous Euro-American actress named Anne Hathaway.

A student currently enrolled at the University of Sheffield in the UK shares her college experience with international students and professors. In her class, the students are stunned by their teacher’s beauty, who looks very much like the Hollywood actress from the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. In every angle, her beauty stands out, and you will be captured by her appearance.

A student captured some photographs in secret! They were in awe of her captivating beauty, fair and delicate facial features, and long, black hair. Once her photos were shared on the internet, they instantly went viral, and netizens asked around who she was.

The female professor’s name is Zahra Shah, and she teaches marketing-related courses. Many netizens left comments about the beautiful teacher:

“With such a beautiful teacher, I will definitely not skip class.”

“Why am I giggling when I look at the photos…?”

“She’s like someone who came out of a novel.”

“Looking at such a teacher, a movie in which she is the heroine plays in my mind during class.”

In addition to the beautiful Marketing professor, a handsome teacher in the same university also sets the students’ hearts a-flutter. Not only is he tall and charming, but he also has blond hair and a beard that the students find irresistible.

The students admit that his figure is too perfect, and they find him sexy in his body-fitting clothes. The female students are stunned by his arm muscles even when he is wearing a white shirt and polo. “He looks like he is about to burst out of those clothes!” said one of the female students as she swooned. Some female students admit that they could stare at him all day.

According to his students, this professor teaches Urban Architecture. He graduated from the Department of Architecture of the University of Tokyo. Not only is he very handsome and artistic, but he is also very accommodating to all his students. He is willing to answer their questions and clear up topic issues after class.

With good-looking professors who look like Hollywood stars in a high-class university, students will definitely attend their classes… with no tardiness or absences.

Images credits: © Binzi/Xiaohongshu


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