Meg Ryan was Hollywood’s Sweetheart During the 90s and is Now Unrecognizable After Years of Disappearing from the Hollywood Scene


Beautiful Meg Ryan was recognized as Hollywood’s Queen of Romantic Comedies in the 90s and was called Showbiz’ Sweetheart. Her short blond wavy hair became her trademark in films, and her comedic appearances onscreen captured the hearts of moviegoers. After watching just a few of her movies, Meg Ryan instantly became a household name.

She may have done a few movies before, but when the romantic comedy film “When Harry Met Sally” was released in 1989, Meg’s popularity soared. Her beautiful face and wavy blond hair, topped with her cheerful and optimistic personality onscreen won her the hearts of thousands of fans around the world. Working alongside Billy Crystal, the restaurant scene was the unforgettable climax of the film. It was a classic!

In 1993, Meg starred alongside Tom Hanks in the romantic comedy-drama “Sleepless in Seattle”. Some of the audience who watched the movie admit to being hopelessly romantic, and the movie instantly became a fan favorite. Numerous big-named actresses, such as Julia Roberts and Kim Basinger, among others, turned down offers of the lead role. According to them, after reading the script, the movie would not be successful. However, when Meg Ryan was cast as Annie Reed, the movie sold well and was a box-office hit!

“You’ve Got Mail”, which was released in 1998, was one of Meg Ryan’s masterpieces. She was 37 years old at the time but still possessed a girlish innocence and strong confidence. It was her third movie working alongside Tom Hanks. The first was Joe Versus the Volcano, which was released in 1990. Fans loved their onscreen chemistry, and some of them assumed they were a real couple.

In 2003, Ryan broke away from her usual roles and became active in politics. However, there were other movies she starred in that were box-office failures. Although her image-conflicting role earned Meg Ryan much attention from the media in the movie entitled “In the Cut”, which was released in 2003, also appeared nude in lengthy love scenes for the first time in her career. The film failed to impress critics and grossed only $23 million in theaters. Her fans began to backlash, and Meg said in despair, “Maybe Hollywood doesn’t need me anymore!”

Meg gradually disappeared from the limelight, taking in small roles that were conflicting with her ‘America’s Sweetheart’ image. She rarely appeared in public places as the years went by. As of late, whenever she attends an event, people would start gossiping, assuming that she has undergone any medical treatment. The media targeted her physical appearance, which has aged through the years. However, Meg shunned all gossip and bluntly said, “In the online world, there are no winners at all. If you explain yourself, you will only expand more stories, and those stories may be wrong.”

Meg Ryan may have retired from acting roles and concentrated on other matters more important in her life. However, her movies, such as “Top Gun,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” and “You’ve Got Mail,” among others, will always be film classics, and beautiful Meg will always have a place in every moviegoer’s mind and heart.

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