“Study Hard Or You will be selling Hamburger on Street,” Grandpa told his Grandson in front of the Sweating Hamburger Seller. The Seller Responses with Full Dignity.


A man and his grandson went to the night market in Penang, Malaysia, to buy hamburgers. He noticed that the hamburger stall cook was profusely sweating. He turned to his grandson and said, “If you don’t study hard, you will do such hard work in the future.” The young stall owner’s mother heard the ridicule and felt insulted. However, she felt very proud of her son who works very hard and earns his own keep.

Sin Chew Daily reports that Everlyn Ong, the stall owner’s mother, shared the experience on her Facebook page. She felt insulted for her son when she heard what the elderly man said to his grandson. She continued helping her son with the customer’s orders and pretended not to hear what he said. When the man and his grandson left, Everlyn sat down with his son and comforted him. She assured him that she is proud of what he does, saying careers do not distinguish between high and low. As long as you are not hurting anyone and doing your work with honor, you are on the right track.

Everlyn is proud of her son, a 24-year-old man who knows how to manage his own business, earn a living, and saves his money. He has bought a house with his own money. She is relieved and happy.

“I have always been very proud of my two great sons, who have been independent and capable since childhood,” Everlyn said. “They can buy bicycles, mobile phones, motorcycles, cars, and even houses on their own. Everyone in every industry deserves to be respected!”

Everlyn has her own popcorn stall at the night market. Since her son’s stall is right beside hers, she lends a helping hand whenever he is overwhelmed with customers.

She has revealed that she has two sons and a young daughter, and her youngest son is the owner of the burger stall at the night market. Although her 2 sons were not able to finish school, they are highly independent and hard-working. They know how to manage their money to buy their own things. Everlyn has educated them about perseverance in life and never giving up fulfilling their goals.

What other people think of you is not important. Always be yourself, maintain a positive attitude, and never complain. Netizens read Everlyn’s posts and were amazed by her positive outlook on life. All people are encouraged to work hard and earn money. Regardless of profession, everyone deserves to be respected.

Netizens have criticized the elderly man’s wrong approach to educating his grandson. Outdated concepts due to the level of your profession should not be instilled in young and developing minds.

Images credits: © Everlyn Ong/Sin Chew Daily


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