Cleaning Crew Finds a Giant Rat in the Sewer Tunnels, the Police Can’t Believe His Eyes


Citizens of Mexico City were bewildered when news of a ‘giant rat’ was found in the sewers of their city. During a routine sewerage system cleaning, workers discovered a giant rat taller than a man. Hearing the news, a woman came forward and claimed that she was the owner, and it was a Halloween prop that she lost years ago due to the heavy rain.

22 tons of litter were being taken away from the sewers when the cleaning crew came across the giant rat. They discovered that it was a Halloween prop that was washed away by the flood and disappeared into the labyrinth of the drainage system, where it was lost for years. The citizens marveled at how realistic the rat was and questioned the cleaners on how they were able to retrieve such a huge prop.

A woman named Evelin López came forward and admitted that the prop was hers, which she made from scraps for Halloween. When it went missing after the heavy rains, she asked for help to search the drainage system. However, no one could help her retrieve the giant prop.

When the incident hit the local news, citizens were stunned and amazed. People did not expect to see such a big rat, even if it was not real. The giant rat prop was retrieved and cleaned since it was soaking wet from being in a ditch for many years. Citizens are surprised that the owner still came forward to claim her lost prop. However, Evelin López wasn’t sure what she was going to do with the prop or if she was still planning to keep it.

Credits to: © Chico Tequila 💕 @chico_tequila/Twitter

▼ Here is a clip of the giant rat prop that the cleaners were washing after it was recovered from the sewers:

Credits to: © FernandoCruz @FernandoCruzFr7/Twitter

Images credits: © Chico Tequila 💕 @chico_tequila/Twitter


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