Keanu Reeves Signs His Autograph on a Homeless Man’s Help Cardboard and Doubled Its Worth to Passersby


Hollywood celebrity Keanu Reeves has done many movies in the past but became more popular with “The Matrix” saga. The movie franchise was highly patronized by moviegoers. When the production cast and crew finished filming, Keanu reportedly donated 90% of his salary from the films to the staff. Additionally, he bought 12 Harley Davidson motorcycles and 5 Rolex Submariner watches for his stuntmen. He believed the films’ successes were due to the crew behind the scenes.

58-year-old Keanu Reeves is one of the first-rate celebrities in Hollywood. However, he still lives a humble life, and wanders around the city helping less fortunate people. He does not have a mansion or a sports car. He does not live a life of luxury but lives in an apartment affordable to ordinary people. He owns a suit that he only wears occasionally and does not wear fancy clothing. Citizens have claimed to have witnessed Keanu take the subway train to and from filming locations and engage in conversation with the passengers. Keanu Reeves is a perfect epitome of a humble superstar!

Keanu is always responsive to his fans wherever he goes. His friendliness and people-oriented nature are appreciated by citizens all over the world. Some people say that he converses more like a friend than a well-known celebrity.

There are times when he is captured candidly on photos by the media, having a simple lunch while sitting on a park chair when he is not filming. News also broke out with candid shots of Keanu chatting with homeless people.

When he was in New York City in 2018, filming the movie John Wick 3: Parabellum, he received a warm welcome from the fans and responded accordingly. His friendly nature was very much appreciated by his co-stars in the film.

During break time on set, someone witnessed Keanu chatting with a homeless person outside the filming location. The man had a cardboard that read, “Homeless. Hungry and depressed. Please help out anything. Thanks!” Keanu grabbed a red pen and signed his autograph at the bottom of the man’s cardboard sign, doubling its worth to passersby.

Keanu Reeves’ move may have added more value to the homeless man’s cardboard sign since passersby have provided some food and clothing to him. When the news hit the media and other streaming sites, many netizens praised the humble Hollywood celebrity.

“This is why I admire him.”

“He is indeed my idol!”

▼ Here is the video of Keanu Reeves signing his name on the homeless man’s cardboard sign:

Credits to: © TV Media/YouTube

Keanu Reeves is one of the Hollywood celebrities that fans adore so much. He is a first-rate superstar with a humble nature that attracts more fans around the world. Although many celebrities are people-oriented and entertaining, it is very difficult not to notice Keanu Reeves since he stands out from the rest!

Images credits: © DailyMail UK


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