A Family of 4 Lived in an Abandoned 26-square-meter Bus for 4 Years when Their Business Failed, and They had to Sell Their House


The economy in the United States was severely impacted due to the outbreak of the financial crisis recently. Many families had to sell their houses and resort to owning RVs to survive and escape the pressures that life brings. This solves their housing problems and meets their need for a family transportation.

The Vaughan family from California is one of the families affected by the crisis. Unfortunately, they had to sell their house when their business failed. They lived for 4 years in a 26-square-meter bus that was abandoned. However, for the family, it opened a new hope for happiness and a new place they can call “home”. They called it “a moving castle”.

Due to the limited space inside the bus, the family had to plan and work hard to accommodate the furniture from their house. In the end, they retained the original layout of the bus and decided to make minor changes to make it their home. They created the entrance, living room, bedroom, kitchen, work area, and bathroom, among others. Although the big bus had limited space, it had all the internal accommodations to build a new home!

  1. Entrance

At the entrance of the bus, the coin box was made into a shoe cabinet. It was a convenient way for the family to change their outdoor shoes once they enter their mobile home to ensure its cleanliness and hygiene. The husband was a plant enthusiast, and he situated potted plants lined along the entrance to enjoy his masterpieces while driving.

  1. Living room and the dining room

Upon entering the RV, the first part of their home you will see is the living room. 2 sofas are lined up facing each other, leaving an aisle in the middle. Above each sofa are shelved for books and other novelties. Above the driver’s seat is a TV which they rarely use. When they take their meals, they unfold a table, and the living room transforms into a temporary dining room.

  1. Kitchen and Workspace

Next to the living room is the Vaughan couple’s respective “workstation”. A refrigerator is beside a table with a computer where Mr. Vaughan works, and behind it is the kitchen table where Mrs. Vaughan prepares the meals. The layout of the kitchen is similar to the one inside an ordinary home.

The idea behind this design is very romantic, with Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan accompanying each other while the husband works and the wife prepares the family’s meal.

  1. The Daughters’ and the Couple’s Bedrooms

The daughters’ double-deck bedroom is designed with mosaic. Mr. Vaughan carefully considered his daughters’ inevitable growth and made each bed 1.8 meters long. Shelves were situated beside each bed for the girls’ “treasures”.

The couple’s bedroom is located at the back of the bus, and the mattress is elevated, making room for storage underneath. The space is big enough for a person to enter.

  1. Bathroom

Opposite the double-deck bedroom of the girls is the bathroom. The small space has a sink, a toilet, and a small bathtub. Mr. Vaughan maximized the space, which makes it very practical.

Netizens are in awe of the Vaughan family’s transformation of the RV. They admire the couple’s creativity, transforming a 26 bus into a happy and comfortable mobile home. On weekdays, they park their RV in camps. When they are on vacation, Mr. Vaughan drives their RV in various states and countries. The family of 4 lives a comfortable and enjoyable life.

The Vaughan family transformed an abandoned bus into a “mobile castle”, which they did not expect its outcome. The couple is hard-working and will live a better life with their 2 daughters. With this beautifully transformed mobile castle, would you like to have your own and travel around the world?

Images credits: © Lemonlin


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