A Mother Worked as a Household Helper in Another Country for 20 Years to Raise and Support 6 Children on Her Own


A woman’s life changes when she reaches motherhood. There are aspects of her life that she turns over to her children once they are born. A mother’s love is not premised on repayment, nor is it worn away by distance and time. People should say that the closest person to them is their mother, a special person who is the most selfless, the most caring, and the most loving to their children. A mother brought us into this world, raised us, and ensured our safety while growing up. For a mother, her children are her world.

A mother’s love is both great and ever-lasting. It is ubiquitous like a ray of sunshine, and worthy of all our praise. For thousands of years, poems are written about a mother’s love and care, telling of endless affection. These poems are naturally moving to the readers.

A Filipino man was very grateful to his mother, who worked as a household helper in Hong Kong for 20 years. She (alone) has supported all her children back in the Philippines. When her son grew up, he showed his gratitude by accompanying her to travel around Asia. His story, along with photos of their trip, proved his filial piety, and netizens were touched.

Hans Alcanzare, from the Philippines, shared photos of his trip around Asia with his mother on his Facebook page. In their travels, he and his mother, Teresita Alcanzare, rode a floating market in Thailand and went on a river cruise in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photos of their trip garnered thousands of “Likes” from netizens.

In his post, Hans recalled that his mother went to work in Hong Kong as a house helper when he was only 6 years old. At the time, he could not understand why his mother had been gone for so long and lived in another country. However, he gradually realized through the years that the money they received from his mother enabled him and his 5 other siblings to finish school and graduate from college. They have become professionals such as accountants, engineers, nurses, and teachers.

“Mom, it’s finally you who is graduating. You don’t have to work hard and get tired anymore,” Hans said heartwarmingly on Facebook.

Months before the trip, he bought plane tickets to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau, among other countries in Asia. The planned trip brought happiness to his mother. “Happiness is seeing my mother’s smile!” Hans proudly said.

The time spent together now between mother and son is very precious since he was separated from his mother for several years due to her work in Hong Kong. Hans said, “It took you 20 years to set foot in a dreamland once only seen in pictures. Enjoy it. Your smile is priceless.”

Hans also mentioned in his post that his mother has not been going shopping for years since she supported her family while she was in Hong Kong. So, he took his mother shopping and bought her new clothes from places they have traveled in.

A mother’s love for her children is endless and indescribable. When one of her children is away for a long time, a mother naturally worries if they are cold or hungry. She wonders if they have enough for food or brought enough clothes that will last through every weather. When they are finally home, a mother usually says, “You have lost weight. How are you doing outside? Isn’t it easy?” A mother’s children always say that they are “Fine.” or “I’m okay.” In this way, their mother will not worry and will not be sad. However, a mother’s instincts say otherwise, and the children may sometimes reveal the truth through their actions.

No matter how old you are, for a mother, you are still her child. No matter how far you go, as a mother, you will always have a home. However, there are incidences when a child wants to be nurtured, and the mother is not present. Sadly, there comes a day when a mother passes, and the children who grow up will have to pass on their mother’s teaching. C’est la vie!

Images credits: © Happy Sharing Station/Facebook


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