The man “insisted on marrying a 96cm dwarf wife” was looked down upon by everyone but he has proven everyone wrong


A groom and his bride caused heated discussion among guests who were present at their wedding, and their photos instantly went viral on the internet. The reason? The bride was only 96cm. tall and is suffering from a genetic condition called dwarfism. However, her groom is twice as tall as she is.

Dallaine Mae Tac-an and her husband, Felomino Lumanao, married in a church in Tigao, Surigao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines. The couple were dating for years before deciding to marry. On their wedding day, the event was attended by close relatives and family friends.

Being in love all these years, the couple was never affected by insults and bashes from people who did not know them personally. Dallaine only stood until Felomino’s stomach. However, they always hold hands wherever they go, and they have received countless blessings from their family, relatives, and friends.

The couple’s wedding was simple but elegant, with their motif being red, white, pink, and green colors. When the bride walked down the aisle, she caused quite a stir among the guests, mostly because of the height difference between the bride and the groom.

The couple’s love story inspired many people despite boundaries and differences. Their photographer’s post has garnered 3,300 reactions and shares, and many netizens extended their blessings and congratulations. Dallaine and Felomino had many fond memories together, and with Felomino’s undying love and sincerity, Dallaine has overcome all anxieties.

The couple now has 2 children and often travel and go places for short vacations. With happiness evident in photos that they share online, many people envy their good family life!

The kids have reached their toddler years. Although the couple has experienced many setbacks and problems, their love for each other conquered all! They have been married for years now and the couple admits that they are still very happy and their marriage is going strong as days pass.

True love will always prevail! When love is strong in a family, they can overcome all problems, and family life is happier!

Images credits: © Felomino Lumanao/Facebook and


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