A Koi Carp Owner Decided to Cook All Her Pet Fish that Died when the Maid Forgot to Turn On the Oxygen Pump on the Pond


A woman in Malaysia owned a pond full of Koi fish she kept as her pets. These are the type of fish that are good for display in ponds and aquariums at home due to their beautiful body ornaments. However, due to the household help’s negligence, she forgot to turn on the oxygen pump in the pond, so all the koi fish died due to lack of oxygen.

The owner thought it would be a waste to just throw away the dead fish, so she decided to cook them and made fish soup. She shared a photo of the finished product on the internet. Netizens became curious about what koi soup tastes like and what the texture of the fish felt like when you taste them. The woman said, “The traditional recipe of royal cuisine tastes like Balin.”

Netizens left various reactions about the photo and began a heated discussion about how they felt about koi fish being served as a soup.

“I didn’t expect koi could be eaten.”

“It is absolutely impossible for me to cook and eat my pets, and I will bury them.”

“I can’t swallow them!”

“It seems there are really restaurants that can cook koi dishes.”

“I would still not dare to cook pet fish. It’s too cruel.”

When a pet suddenly dies, it is an owner’s first instinct to bury them since pets are, more often than not, considered a part of the family… may they be dogs, cats, rabbits, or fish. However, it is very rare that netizens chanced upon an owner who cooked her pet koi when they died. It seems like there is always a first time for everything.

Images credits: © Teepr


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