A Woman Fearlessly Cleans Windows 10 Floors Up, as Witnessed by a Neighboring Citizen who Lives in a Building Across the Street


High-rise residential and business buildings are common in Taiwan, especially in metropolitan areas. Usually, these buildings hire employees to clean windows regularly. However, a video circulated on the internet, showing a woman alongside window washing tools and cleaning the exterior parts of a window outside of a building unit. There were no protective measures around the area where she was cleaning, and the neighboring citizen from a building opposite her recorded the thrilling scene, feeling astounded.

A female netizen shared the video on the Facebook group page “Explosive Waste Commune” and wrote, “You must also pay attention to safety as you love your house. The Auntie must have never slipped and fallen. You are so brave.” Photos show a woman wearing a white t-shirt and purple shorts and holding a long window cleaning brush and rags while gently wiping the windows.

The dumbfounded photographer from the opposite building took photos and a video, estimating that the building floor where the woman was cleaning may be more than 10 floors up. She did not have any safety measures or railings behind her. She just stood steadily outside the unit window while cleaning. Accidents may happen if she was not careful.

While cleaning the windows, the woman bent down to replace the rag. It seemed as though she was not afraid of heights and is used to cleaning the windows of the building, no matter how high the units were. However, the resident in the other building who captured her on video is trembling with fright.

Netizens were quick to respond to the video as soon as it was shared on the Facebook group page. Here are some of their comments:

“It’s ridiculous! This is a joke with your own life!”

“Squeeze a cold sweat for her.”

“Who gave her the courage to go out?”

“Auntie’s heart is so big.”

“My legs are weak just looking at her.”

“Cleanliness is precious, but the price of life is higher.”

“Don’t suddenly call her. A turn is dangerous.”

“Use your life to clean the window.”

“Don’t do this. When you are tired, you use the reaction force of the pole to push the upper body outward. The core is not enough, and the gravity is strong. Even if you sit down, it will be dangerous, not to mention the force of the wind.”

“When a gust of wind blows, the auntie will fly into the sky.”

“Auntie: I think the old lady was a flight attendant back then.”

“The mobile gods will appear not only on motorcycles but also on her own balcony.”

“Take the short video to the police. Let the police come to her unit to persuade her. Otherwise, there will be another accident on some other day.”

Some people wondered if the woman was a citizen of another country.

“Check first to see if she is a foreign employee working as a helper. This constitutes an abuse of an employee.”

“If the employer hired a foreign worker to do the washing, it is too much.”

“I feel that the foreign helper is called to beat.”

“It is speculated that she may be a foreign domestic helper.”

Later, some netizens replied that the female window washer was a professional and it was faster for her to clean the windows from outside the unit. Other netizens pointed out that the building is located in Banqiao, New Taipei. In that area, there are 15 high-rise community buildings.

For whatever reason, such a situation with unprotected railings is really a gamble on the cleaner’s life. Even if you take care all the time while cleaning on the rails of a tall building with no protective measures, accidents may happen. Always keep yourself safe.

Images credits: © ●【爆廢公社】● (Explosive Waste Commune)/Facebook


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