Special Effects on Photos of Square-faced Couple Goes Viral on Social Media


When a person enters a relationship, most of them immediately update their status on social media, especially on Facebook. The status is posted in real-time on their profile pages, and their partners are tagged on their own profiles. However, social media users have very unusual styles of posting their profile photos. Most of them added special effects to their photos before they use them as profile pictures. More often than not, it reflects their hilarious personalities.

In 2018, a man from San Francisco, California, USA, named Picontod San, posted his profile picture with an exaggerated square face. Both of his jaws had 90-degree angles. At the same time, he also announced that he had found his special woman and is currently in a relationship with her.

Picontod San shared on Facebook that he was in a relationship with his girlfriend named Picontol Chan. He updated his profile page which had the captions, “In a serious relationship with Picontol Chan” on top with their photos alongside each other on the bottom. However, their unusual photos amused their followers.

On the relationship profile update, not only San had a square face, but Chan did as well. Her jaws had the same square angles as San’s, and with her hair in a bun, the effect made her square-shaped face look more detailed.

Although the couple’s photos with square faces were made with fabrication, their actual face shapes have rare features. San had refined jawlines, and Chan had a more round-shaped face with a pointed chin.

Their photos with square-faced special effects were much appreciated by their followers on Facebook. So far, the number of LIKES has reached 33,000, and the number of shares has exceeded 80,000. Their followers from all over the world left various reactions and messages on their hilarious relationship photo saying:

“You guys are so well-matched!”

“They might have a baby looking like a dice.”

“This couple must be loyal players of Minecraft.”

“I really can’t stop laughing.”

“As long as they kiss, they become rectangular.”

With the trend of face apps, some netizens used their virtual ID photos to add some special effects, such as making their chins more pointed. However, some of their followers choose not to ridicule them. Instead, they cheered them on, advising the couple not to care too much about the mockery of other people. What matters most was their happiness and their sincerity for each other.

This is probably one of the most eccentric couples you will see so far. Some netizens are wondering what their children would look like…

Images credits: © Picontod San/Facebook and Pinterest


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