A Man Who Stayed Single for 26 Years Let His New Girlfriend Used His Credit Card and Lost Half Year’s Savings in Just 3 Hours!


A typical date is when a couple goes out to have dinner, drinks at the bar, get to know each other, and simply have fun. Normally, the man covers all expenses during a date. However, it still depends on their agreement when the day comes. A new couple should mutually learn more about each other before they fall for one another. In a way, your ‘feelings’ will be safe should you both go on separate ways when the relationship chemistry does not mix.

Recently, a male netizen shared his unfortunate experience with his new girlfriend when he took her shopping, and she spent half a year’s worth of his savings in just 5 hours! When the story of the incident was shared online, it caused heated discussions and various reactions among netizens.

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The male netizen shared his story on “Anonymous Commune”. claiming that he was single for 26 years and recently had a girlfriend. On a date, he took her to a department store and generously told her to use his credit card for her expenses. Initially, she spent almost US$2,894.00 (about CN¥20,000) on skin care products in less than 10 minutes. Later, she bought 4 bottles of perfume and a large bag of cosmetics. On the upper levels of the department store, she bought a dress and a long-sleeved blouse. Then she went to Wuji to buy fried rice snacks, other food, and stationery.

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Feeling tired from roaming the department store, and the man carrying his girlfriend’s shopping bags, the couple headed B60 to Din Tai Feng to have their lunch. Since the queue would take an hour, the girlfriend ran to the upper levels of the department store, leaving the man waiting in line. “She ran to look at the shoes again and finally bought a pair of flat shoes and a pair of high-heeled sandals,” the man said.

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Finally, it was past 3:00 in the afternoon when they finished their lunch, and they went home exhausted after a day of shopping. He woke up the next day to check his credit card details on his mobile phone. Then it hit him. “Today we met at 10:00 and left at 11:00, and in less than 3 hours, she brushed me more than US$10,127.00 (about CN¥70,000)!” He also revealed that he earns $7,235.00 a month (about CN¥50,000) and sets aside $1,447.00 (about CN¥10,000) to $2,170.00 (about CN¥15,000) on each payday. In just 1 day, she spent almost half a year’s worth of his savings! Sharing his story online, he ended it with frustration. “Today, I was completely hit. It turns out that having a girlfriend is really expensive…”

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Most netizens felt that the incident was ridiculous, mentioning that the girlfriend used him as an ATM rather than having a serious relationship with the man.

“A sincere girl would not spend your money like this.”

“Hi, ATM brother!”

“Please wake up! You are not her boyfriend, let alone a future husband. You are just her ATM withdrawal tool.”

“You are amazing.”

Additionally, some of the netizens thought he had the problem of being too generous, too.

“Does your girlfriend know how much your monthly salary is? Or do you pretend to have so much money?”

“I’m curious if you treat your parents just like this?”

If you want to show generosity, you still have to set limitations on your expenses. When you go out on a date, plan your maximum budget for that day. When it comes to expenses, do not be impulsive.

Images credits: Anonymous Commune and Read543


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