Japanese Internet Celebrity Loves to Photoshop Her Face to be Extra Small Finally Revealed Her Real Face


Many people who are into social media are fond of sharing ‘selfies’ and applying retouches on their photos through the app’s photo effects. A woman from Japan willingly shared her photos with retouches on her social media, which shows her with a small head or very long legs. While her photos made her look alien-like, they made her popular on the internet.

Kamiya Asami is an internet celebrity from Japan who shares her personal photos on Instagram. However, her unusual photos garnered her many followers on social media. Photo retouches include a snake-sized head to a human-sized body, bulgy eyes, pointed chin, and ultra-long legs, among others. The retouches are exaggerated points on parts of her body in the photos.

Adding special effects to her photos has unexpectedly attracted more followers on her social media pages. Although most of them were done exaggeratedly, her fans seem to like each of them. In time, she has succeeded in being recognized on the internet through her unusual photos with special effects.

Eventually, some of her followers found her original photos without any retouches. They discovered that Kamiya Asami was a model. With her height of 5’5” (167cm.), her photos without the retouches are very captivating.

If you want to see more of Kamiya Asami’s photos, you may visit her Instagram page. Click HERE. She has posted a variety of her photos with and without photo special effects.

Images credits: © 神谷麻美♡あさみす (Kamiya Asami ♡ Asamisu) @asamice428/Instagram


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