Wedding Guests Took Away Wedding Reception’s Food Before Other Visitors Could Eat Their Meal


Weddings are one of the events that are most memorable to a couple whose hearts unite as one. They celebrate the special day with family and friends. Some may be extravagant, while others prefer a much simpler celebration. More often than not, the event has full of laughter and tears, with mixed emotions from attendees.

Recently, a man surnamed Song from Jiangxi in China shared his experience when he attended a wedding reception by posting a video on Douyin.

The man went to get a bowl of rice while the side dishes were being served on each table. When he returned, he noticed that the guests he shared a table with had taken out red plastic bags and emptied the serving plates. When he sat down to eat, only 1 or 2 dishes remained. Mr. Song said that while he was walking towards his table, he saw that some of the dish plates were almost empty before he got the chance to have his meal.

One of the women secretly told another that Mr. Song has not had his meal yet. However, Mr. Song politely declined and said that he lost his appetite. He looked at the other tables where the guests were just starting to enjoy the feasts, but on his table, the mealtime has already ended before it began due to the gluttony of his table mates.

In the end, Mr. Song ate ramen noodles when he got home, although he has given a gift to the couple who married.

Netizens have commented on Mr. Song’s post on Douyin that food served at wedding receptions can only be taken home once all the guests have eaten their meals.

“It’s not really a problem to take home food, but at least wait until everyone has finished their food first.”

“We don’t have this practice in Sichuan. Even if the host asked us to take home food, I would feel too embarrassed to do so.”

“These wedding guests did not come to the reception to eat but to take home food!”

It is okay to take home food from a wedding reception to avoid wastage. However, we have to respect other guests at our table too. Additionally, get permission from the host before bringing food home in take-home bags.

Images credits: © 厦门宋哥 (Xiamen Song Ge)/Douyin


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