A Young Female Student Carrying a Decapitated Head while Using Her Mobile Phone Scared a Male Passenger on a Bus at Night


When you often take the bus at night to go home or go to work on a graveyard shift, you will notice that many people encounter various unusual scenes. A man who was taking the bus going home one night encountered a female student carrying a decapitated human head while she was using her mobile phone. Initially, he was very frightened that he almost peed in his pants!

A netizen shared a photo on the Facebook group “Observe the Academy on the Road”, showing a young woman wearing blue jogging pants and a jacket while holding a decapitated human head and fiddling with her mobile phone. Initially, the netizen claimed that he was frightened by what he witnessed and could not help but exclaim, “I was so scared that I felt a little urine flash!”

Composing himself, the netizen later took a photo of the front of the head. It was a decapitated mannequin head! It turns out that the head was used by students who are studying a vocational course in hairdressing. They are allowed to bring the mannequin’s head home to practice their hairdressing skills.

After the photos were shared in the group, they aroused heated discussions, and some of the netizens transformed the photos into memes. The photos garnered thousands of LIKES. Some of them left comments, such as,

“Sister, can’t you just take a bag and put it inside?”

“It’s okay. My sister’s room balcony toilet was set up with a head before, and I got paralyzed when I was scared!”

“It’s scary to put it on the window sill!”

“This is what happens to people who offend me!”

Students from beauty schools and hairdressing departments came forward to react to the photos posted.

“The beauty and hairdressing department doesn’t feel scared when they see it.”

“I used to see people carrying two or three fake heads to school to hand in their homework when I was in a vocational school.”

People who are tired and stressed from a day’s job are the individuals who usually take the bus at night. If you are unaware, and you encounter a scene such as this, you will definitely freeze if you cannot scream!

Images credits: © 路上觀察學院 (Observe the Academy on the Road)/Facebook


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