Boy Cries Thinking His Father Having Affairs Because the Bride in Wedding Photo Looks Different From his Mom


Couples are at their best appearances when they marry, and photographers can enhance their wedding photos to make them more memorable for many years to come. However, it is part of the norms of marriage that the couple gains a few extra pounds, especially when they have children. Physical aspects may change, but the more important thing is that Love, Respect, and Honesty should still be present in a marriage even after years pass. Wedding vows should NEVER be broken.

A little boy in Thailand approached his father holding his parents’ wedding photo in a frame, and cried while accusing his father, “Who is this woman? Why are you having an affair?” With tears in his eyes, he showed the photo to his father. The little boy, who did not recognize his own mother in the photo, cried louder when his father responded, “This is your mother.”

The little boy still cried, not believing his father. His mother was left dumbfounded and unable to explain. The father clarified that his mother had gained 15kg. after having their son and is quite unrecognizable in the photo. On their wedding day, she wore make-up for the occasion, and her body was thinner. Looking at the photo and then at his mother, the boy was still confused and cried even more.

The couple, who lives in Thailand, often shared their daily activities through videos on TikTok. They have garnered more than 10,000 followers. When they shared the video of the incident, it instantly went viral and gathered various reactions and comments.

“It seems that this child really loves his mother!”

“I really laughed so hard that I cried.”

“Mom just wants to cry.”

“I am 40kg. fatter than before I got married.”

Apparently, the best solution to calm a child is to show him more photos of the parents before the marriage and show them how the couple gradually changed physically through the years. They will also have to prove to their children that the marriage is still very strong, which nobody can ever break.

Images credits: © น้องพอร์ชแม่ส้มและพ่อเบนซ์ @destiny_orange14/TikTok


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