High School Girl Adopts a Donkey that Immediately Recognizes Her as A Mother, and Their Lives Changed Forever


4 years ago, then-17-year-old high school student, Payton Dankworth from Ballinger, Texas, received an emergency call from a friend. She claimed that it was a matter of life and death and hoped that she had called the right person to save him. It turned out that Payton’s friend rescued a donkey that was abandoned by its mother. The heartbreaking discovery prompted Payton to adopt the donkey without hesitation. Additionally, she was an animal lover and promised to take good care of the little donkey.

“When I saw this little donkey, it was in a very bad condition, and I was even worried if it would survive.” On the day that Payton took the donkey home, she immediately gave it food to see if its body is in good condition.

▼ After a few days, the little donkey’s health gradually improved, and it seemed to adapt easily to the new environment. It regarded Payton as its mother and never got tired of being with her every single day. Soon, Payton called the little donkey Jack.

▼ Payton is very happy and proud to be Jack’s mother. She feeds him a bottle of milk every 2 hours and takes him out to play in their backyard.

▼ Jack now lives a happy life with Payton and no longer feels alone.

Payton Dankworth feels that people who help animals make a great impact on their lives. They may not be able to express their gratitude. However, they repay us in any way they can with all their love and affection. Payton could not be prouder when she discovered that Jack is now living a healthy and happy life. Her promise has been fulfilled!

Images credits: @thelifeofjackkkk/Instagram


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