No Bridesmaid No Problem! 3 Men Wearing Pink Formal Dresses and Long Shiny Wigs were Hired to be Bridesmaids at a Wedding


Weddings are one of the grandest events celebrated in a couple’s union. Everyone participating in the wedding entourage is dressed elegantly, according to the event motif the couple has chosen. A reception follows after the ceremonies, and the event is filled with well-wishers, families, and friends of the couple, and other guests who celebrate with feasts, games, and dancing until the couple leave for their wedding getaway a few hours later.

However, an unusual wedding event that took place in Pingdingshan, Henan Province, China in April was an eye-catching scene. 3 bridesmaids with long silky hair and wearing pink bridesmaid gowns were the focus of attention. If you look closely at the 3 shy bridesmaids, they are quite muscular. Additionally, they were wearing sneakers under their gowns. Actually, these 3 burly bridesmaids are men hired by the couple to be their bridesmaids.

▼ Contrary to the traditional wedding entourage consisting of bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honor, ring bearers, and flower girls, among others, the couple decided to hire 29 tall and muscular men to join their retinue. The couple’s family and friends were simply their guests at the ceremony. The hired men arrived wearing pink dresses and prepared for the event.

▼ The men were wearing pink gowns and corsages on their wrists. Some of them chose to wear off-shoulder dresses. However, most of them decided to wear sneakers under their gowns since most of them are unable to walk in high-heeled shoes. They wore long wigs and lipstick matching their attire, with bouquets on their wrists. Most of the guests present at the event were amused by the men wearing girls’ clothing.

When the video was posted on Weibo, it instantly went viral, and many netizens left various comments about the hilarious wedding event:

“I guess the whole audience will be watching these bridesmaids instead of the bride and groom.”

“How can the groom hold back from laughing?”

“Male bridesmen are difficult to surpass.”

“Presumably, they must have a relationship with the bride and groom?”

“This brotherhood is indeed in place.”

“Really a strong brotherhood.”

If these men are willing to be hired to attend an event wearing clothing such as gowns, they must be good friends with the couple. These are the friends who are not hesitant to be humiliated to the satisfaction of their friends. If they really are friends of the couple, then this is true brotherhood.

Images credits: Zmarterlife


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