An Advanced Age Woman from Thailand Married a Man 30 Years Younger and is Not Bothered by Bashers while She Lives a Happy Life


Internet celebrity Mader Sitang (Sitang Buathong), known as the “hottest advanced aged woman” from Thailand, has become one of the most trending social media personalities due to her peculiar but graceful dance together with a young man. Although many people criticize her physical appearance, Sitang shuns all the hurtful comments and successfully gained fame through her videos and endorsements.

Sitang was born in Bangkok. Although he was still a man while he was a high-achieving student in college, Sitang always had the soul of a woman. He often wore high-heeled shoes and skirts that his family utterly disgusted. It was not until his mother passed away that he began to go all out and become the woman he always wanted to be, wearing skirts and other feminine attire.

In 2019, Sitang walked into an auditorium together with her boyfriend, who is 30 years younger than she. The couple would often share sweet photos of themselves on their social media and do not hide their affection for each other. Sitang shyly revealed: “My boyfriend loves me so much that he doesn’t even want me to go out!”

Mader Sitang and her boyfriend have married. Although they are facing bashing and hurtful comments from the public, the couple shuns them away and seems to live a very happy life together. Their relationship began with a strong bond, and it does not seem to falter as the years pass. They have been married for 4 years.

Mader Sitang’s husband is aware that she is a transgender woman, and he still loves her unconditionally. Let us wish them both the best in life and their union be forever.

Images credits: © Mader Sitang (Sitang Buathong)/Facebook


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