Actor Famous TV Series Scrubs Zach Braff Bids Farewell to His Rescue Dog of 17 Years


Losing a pet, you considered your best friend is never easy. It is also as painful as losing a member of your family. Recently, 45-year-old actor Zach Braff lost his best friend, a rescue dog aged 17, whose name is Roscoe. Resorting to Instagram, he posted photos of his beloved pet and shared the sad news with his followers.

Zach Braff is known for his role as Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian in the 9-season TV series “Scrubs.” He encouraged his followers to consider adopting pets since it was “his best decision” when he adopted Roscoe.

On the Instagram post, Braff wrote, “Today, I had to say goodbye to my best friend, Roscoe Braff. He made it to 17 years! I feel so lucky that we found each other.”

View on Instagram. Click HERE.

Braff was not the only person who mourned the passing of Roscoe. His girlfriend, actress Florence Pugh, Yelena Belova of the Black Widow MCU movie, also posted a tribute to Roscoe on her Instagram page. She wrote, “Good night, sweet Roscoe. Thank you for all the love you gave and for all the kisses you treated me to. I genuinely count myself lucky that I got to see such a beautiful friendship between a man and his dog. RIP, Roscoe.”

There is no doubt that Roscoe will be missed by Zach and Florence, and our sincerest condolences go out to both of them.

View on Instagram. Click HERE.

Rest in Peace, Roscoe.

Images credits: Zach Braff @zachbraff/Instagram and METRO News


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