A Man Diagnosed with Dwarfism and His Wife Broke the World Record for Greatest Height Differential and are Thriving with Their Daughter in the UK


Many individuals who suffer from dwarfism are afraid to build a family of their own, assuming that their offspring will inherit the same genes and have the same defect. However, a man with the same flaw fell in love with a tall woman and became one of the shortest fathers in history!

In 2019, foreign media reported that James Lusted from North Wales, England, who works as an actor and a presenter, suffers from the rarest type of dwarfism: Diastrophic Dysplasia, which is a genetic disorder that affects bones and cartilage development. His height is only 3’7”, and this does not affect his wife, Chloe Samantha.

James met Chloe in 2012, a teacher who is 5 years younger than he. Chloe is 5’5”. Although there has been a full 2 feet height difference between them, this did not affect the couple, and they fell in love regardless of what the people said about the flaw. James and Chloe were committed to making their relationship work.

During their wedding photoshoot in 2016, either James had to stand on a ladder, or Chloe had to sit on the ground to get the perfect shots. After their wedding, Chloe expressed that she wanted to have a child with her husband, no matter if the child would inherit his dwarfism genes.

A few years after marriage, Chloe gave birth to her firstborn child, a daughter named Olivia. The process went smoothly, and the baby was very healthy. Proud father, James, carried his daughter for the first time, and she was almost half as tall as her father. Physical examinations showed that she did not inherit his dwarf genes, and it made James grateful. He was moved and said, “She is the best!”

Proud father, James, could not help but say, “Holding my daughter is one of the two most beautiful things I have ever experienced. The other is marrying Chloe. Our love for my daughter is beyond description. I am willing to dedicate my life to her and my wife.”

As years passed, baby Olivia has grown up to be a beautiful little girl, and the scene of a family of 3 walking along the beach while holding each other’s hands is picturesque.

Here is a video from Guinness World Records showing the daily lives of the Lusted family:

Credits to: Guinness World Records/YouTube

“Our love story has taught us and taught others that you can’t judge a book by its cover and just to love the person no matter who they are. I don’t think you can choose who you fall in love with,” said Chloe Lusted.

The family of 3 is very happy and thriving in the UK.

Images credits: Wales Online and Guinness World Records


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