YouTuber from Japan with a 5.3cm Chin has Gone Viral and is Compared to an Animé Character in “Yu-Gi-Oh!”


Every child who watched the animé “Yu-Gi-Oh!” is familiar with the character, Joey Wheeler. A young man from Japan has been compared to the cartoon character due to a facial feature similar to his.

The 21-year-old YouTuber who uses the name “Jonouchi” online, but whose real name is unknown, has garnered many followers on his channel due to his long and pointed chin. The young man has also appeared in several variety shows.

The young man said that his chin was not long and protruding when he was a child. He only noticed that it was growing longer when he reached the 5th grade. That was when he realized that his unusual chin was unlike any other when he compared it to the children at school.

When he got older, his chin became longer and more pointed even a face mask could not conceal his long chin. He admits that he is the only one in their family with this facial flaw.

He was ridiculed at school due to his long chin. When he confessed his feelings to a woman he liked, he was immediately rejected because of this. YouTuber “Jonouchi” made a video on his channel measuring his chin and showed the measurement to his followers. It turned out that his chin measured 5.3cm. His sister also appeared in the video. However, she appears to have normal chin length.

The young YouTuber was not free from discrimination even when he was popular. Most of his followers noticed the slur in his speech due to malocclusion, and he was often very soft-spoken that he was inaudible at times. People have asked why he would not undergo corrective surgery and admitted that he does not have sufficient funds to afford such expensive fees for the surgery. However, his unusually long and pointed chin has become his best feature, and it has brought him fame, which made him, and his followers focus on his talent other than his facial flaw.

As of late, the young man has become a well-known YouTube celebrity due to his facial feature and has earned some funds for his tuition fee. He studies at the Kwansei Gakuin University, taking up Commerce. Everywhere he goes, he is immediately surrounded by fans and friends who support him, and his life has become more exciting. Additionally, he has become more confident, which is evident in his YouTube videos.

Images credits: Zhihu


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