Angry Chimpanzee Retaliates at Noisy Tourists by Throwing a Plastic Water Bottle at Them, which Hits a Young Woman and Destroys Her Mobile Phone


Many people say that animals in the zoo are unruly, especially when there are visitors who view them in an enclosure. However, some of them never thought that animals usually respond to human provocation. Most of the animals in the wild have strong instincts and just want to be left alone. They are actually protecting their territory. As humans, we also do.

It happened on a fateful day during the Chinese New Year at a zoo in Nanning, Guangxi, China. a chimpanzee holding a filled-up water bottle and running back and forth suddenly threw it at the noisy visitors, stunning them. The incident was caught on video. However, it is unknown if the water bottle was thrown by one of the visitors before the video began.

Zoo visitors vary every day. Some of them imitate the sound and movements of the animals, while some throw various things inside the enclosure, unsure of how they wanted the animals to respond. However, a provoked chimpanzee threw a water-filled plastic bottle toward the visitors, accidentally hitting a young woman’s face and destroying her mobile phone. In the video, it was unclear if the bottle was thrown by one of the visitors.

The chimpanzee threw the bottle with full force and accuracy. The bottle hit the young woman near her eyebrow, leaving a bruise mark, while she cried quietly in pain. Her mobile phone was not spared. The phone’s LCD glass was cracked. When she calmed down and felt a little better from the pain, she took photos of her injuries and her cracked mobile phone for future reference.

When the video clip was shared on Weibo, various reactions and heated discussions from netizens arose.

“Who told tourists to throw things, to begin with?”

“The chimpanzee is so powerful! It’s so accurate!”

“Animals with similar IQs as humans are pitiful enough to be locked up in zoos, people still throw things around, and they are just retaliated against.”

“Why does it feel a little healed after throwing the bottle?”

Netizens had various reactions to chimpanzee, in general.

Animals, just like humans, have feelings too. They feel offended enough being caged in a zoo while people provoke them. Be careful around these types of places. They may be different from a safari, wherein animals are free to roam. However, animals from the wild do have their lives too, and want peace. Be human. Act human. We are the higher beings in this world. Show them respect, and they will do the same. Walk away from them if you feel threatened. Do not retaliate.

Watch on Weibo. Click HERE.

Screenshot images and video credits: © Beijing News/Weibo


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