13yo Teen Spent 3 Years in a Tent to Raise $770,000 During Lockdown and Donated the Money to a Hospice where His Friend Peacefully Passed Away


A 13-year-old teen in England spent 3 years sleeping in a tent which started at the height of the lockdown in March 2020. He raised almost $770,000, which he donated to a hospice where a neighbor’s grandfather, whom he considered a close friend, died peacefully in February 2020. His persistence garnered inspiration from people, and he recorded in the Guinness World Record for the most donations collected through private camps.

Then 10-year-old British teen, Max Woosey, began his “camping marathon” in March 2020. He slept in a one-person tent in his backyard every night to raise funds for North Devon Hospice, where his close friend passed away peacefully.

Before his outdoor adventure, his elderly neighbor, Rick Abbott, was treated at North Devon Hospice for terminal cancer and passed away in February 2020.

Max Woosey and Rick Abbott were close friends, and their bond was stronger than family. Rick used to love adventure and outdoor activities and was an outdoor sports enthusiast. He often shared his experiences about camp with Max. Before he passed away, he gave his tent to Max and made him promise to use it for his outdoor adventures.

“Promise me you’ll have your own adventures in it,” Rick told Max.

In return, Max said, “North Devon Hospice has taken such good care of Grandpa Abbott that I wanted to do something to thank them.”

Max was determined to sleep in a tent under the stars to raise funds for the hospice. He shared his experiences with his followers on social media. His supportive mom and other family members assumed that he may soon move back into his bedroom. However, determined Max has fallen in love with Mother Nature and remained sleeping in his tent since then.

“I gave him the option of either coming inside or sleeping out in it. Sadly, he chose the broken tent!” Max’s mother said.

Max ended his campout challenge on March 29, 2023, exactly 3 years after he started. He informed his followers that he is ready to move back into his bedroom after 3 years of sleeping in a tent in his backyard.

Max Woosey’s passion and efforts to raise funds through his outdoor camping movement have garnered more than $770,000, and the entire collection was donated to North Devon Hospice, setting him a new world record. During his backyard camping activity, Max admitted that he has experienced overnight bad weather, such as storms, heavy snow, hail, heavy rain, and high temperatures. However, he insisted on staying in the tent.

Through the years in camp, Max’s reputation hit sky-high due to his good deeds and compassion. He was given the nickname “Boy in the Tent” by his followers and was permitted to visit and camp at the London Zoo, 10 Downing Street Park, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, and other venues such as Twickenham Stadium. He was also supported by well-known celebrities such as Bear Grylls and Carol Vorderman for his efforts.

“I’ve had the best three years of my life. I’ve met great people. I’ve had great experiences, and I think I’m going to stay that way forever,” said Max Woosey.

Images credits: © The Boy In The Tent @TheBoyInTheTent/Twitter


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