The Bride’s Sister Recognized the Food Served in the Wedding Banquet and Realized They Were Leftovers 8 Months Ago at Her Wedding!


Being thrifty is a virtue. It helps you save your budget for more important matters. However, being thrifty for the wrong reasons can cause more harm than safety. Recently, the sister of a bride shared an incident on Reddit, claiming that the food served at her sister’s wedding reception looked very familiar. Suddenly, she realized that they were the same food served at her wedding 8 months ago.

A 26-year-old unnamed Reddit user shared that 8 months ago, she celebrated her wedding and invited around 200 guests. She and her husband anticipated leftovers since some of the guests may not be present at the banquet. Therefore, they decided that they would donate the leftover food to a charity soup kitchen they usually volunteer for. However, without their knowledge, the bride’s mother secretly took the leftovers home and froze the food for 8 months. When her sister’s wedding day arrived and every guest was at the banquet, the Reddit user recognized the food from her wedding day 8 months ago.

The Reddit user mentioned that her sister and brother-in-law were planning to be married in a court notarization, just a small simple wedding. However, the bride’s mother insisted on holding a “small wedding celebration”, so the bride’s sister, who was the original wedding planner, handed over the responsibility to her mother. On the day of her sister’s wedding, the bride’s sister noticed that the buffet meals served looked very familiar. She asked her mother about the food and she proudly said that they were the food served at her wedding 8 months ago. Her mother defrosted and repacked them, assuming that they can still be served at her sister’s wedding reception, thus “saving a lot of money”!

After learning of the situation from her mother, the bride’s sister was shocked and astonished. She notified her mother that there may be a food safety problem from food that has been stored for that long. However, instead of listening to her advice, her mother scolded her and said that she should be grateful that no leftover food went to waste. Realizing that it was hopeless to reason out with her mother, she revealed the situation to her sister and her brother-in-law. The newlyweds secretly informed the guests that the food was leftover from their sister’s wedding reception 8 months ago. Fortunately, no one got food poisoning in the end.

However, instead of being grateful to the newlywed’s sister for saving the guests, some relatives blamed her for deliberately making the family look ‘cheap’. They accused her of disclosing unnecessary matters that no one should know about. Faced with unexpected doubts from her own family, the newlywed’s sister could not help but wonder if disclosing the matter to the wedding guests was really wrong.

As soon as the article was shared by a Reddit user named @AmItheAsshole, it instantly went viral and caused heated discussion among netizens:

“Oh, my God! Don’t say that the food was frozen for 8 months! Who knows how long it was on the buffet table at your wedding? How long was it on your mother’s car before being frozen? It’s too dangerous!”

“The mother’s petty behavior is to the extreme! She may make everyone vomit and have diarrhea.”

“Just thinking about serving 8 months of leftovers… even I can’t do it!”

“Obviously, your mother has no concept of food safety,”

“Maybe she thinks food poisoning is a joke?”

“The mother did that to save a little money. The result may be to spend a lot of money on Medical Bills.”

“Are your relatives accusing you of the guests having stomach pains?”

“If your mother has always had such behavior/habit, I suggest you talk to her carefully.”

“I remembered that I was at my in-laws’ house once. Had pasta and left a bunch of sauce on my plate, it was delicious, but it was really a lot of sauce. Turns out my mother-in-law started joking that if it was her dad, he would make me scrape the sauce back into the pot so as not to go to waste… (OMG!)”

Images credits: @AmItheAsshole/Reddit and Pixabay


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