The Hilarious Truth About the Viral Photos of a Bride Wearing Gold Ornaments that Covered Her Upper Body and Face


Some countries have traditional customs, especially during a couple’s day of marriage. For daughters who are about to marry, parents proudly adorn them with gold necklaces, gold bracelets, and gold rings, which they wear during the ceremony. They hope for their daughters to marry in a good way, and at the same time, this is how they flaunt the family’s financial resources.

Recently, photos of a couple during their wedding event went viral on the internet. The bride was wearing gold ornaments on her hands and around her upper body, including her neck. Additionally, her whole head was covered with gold ornaments that you would no longer see her face! After the photos went viral, there were mixed reactions from netizens. Some doubted that the bride would carry such weight since gold is known to be very heavy. The bride would have been crushed even before the wedding started!

However, someone close to the bride revealed that the photo shots of the gold covering her head were fake! It turned out that someone messed with the wedding photos and added gold ornaments to her face. Although the real photos show that the bride had gold bracelets on her wrists and large gold necklaces hanging from her neck, her face had been exposed the whole time.

Local media reports that the glowing bride wore gold ornaments given by her relatives, and she revealed that she wore these ornaments throughout the event, including the wedding toast. However, the bride also disclosed that she did not wear all the gold ornaments given to her since wearing them may be too heavy and tiring. It turns out that flaunting the family gold is not as easy as everyone thought.

lthough some may appear to be exaggerated, people respect their traditions, and this is also one way of learning various customs from around the world.

Images credits: © What Xiamen has seen and heard/Xiaohongshu and CTWant


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