A Father Insists on Carrying the Family Dog Rather than His Young Son, and Netizens are Outraged


A video of a father crossing the street carrying a huge dog and holding his young son while making him walk alongside him caused quite a stir among netizens. In reality, there is nothing wrong with the behavior. However, netizens reacted to why the dog had to be carried instead of his young son, who is seen walking beside him.

The video started a debate online, and netizens are reacting on how to deal with it. After all, pets are considered members of the family, and the little boy is not complaining. Hence, other people are confused about what the issue really is.

The video was shared by TikTok user Luz Elena, who agreed with other netizens on why the father would do such behavior.

People were surprised by the size of the dog. It is full-grown and very big. The man’s son is only half his size. However, many people hoped that the father would provide some clarity on the matter.

“When the priority is your dog and not your child!” This is the caption written about the video, and netizens agree that it was a perfect fit.


#humor cuando tu prioridad es tu perro no El Niño 🫣😬

♬ original sound – soucitigrafix

In a short time, the video managed to garner 4.7 million views. As expected, the comments section is full of various reactions and suggestions.

While some comments said that the father was wrong, others spoke of how he probably had a good reason for the behavior and should not immediately be judged. Some netizens also praised the father for providing his son with such good training, which is rare nowadays.

“The dog is a full-breed Pitbull. He carried the dog since people may be scared even if it is trained. The dog may attack if provoked.” One netizen commented.

The netizen may be a dog owner and knows how Pitbull terriers react in public. It may be the reason why he carried the dog instead of his son.

Screenshot images credits: © Luz Elena @lega819/TikTok


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